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Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Minimum required credits: 62
AAS Student Education Plan (SEP)

Program Description
The WSC Accounting program is continually growing and jobs in the field are abundant. Accounting is currently one of the top associate’s degree in the country. After a two year program with WSC, students will be fully prepared to obtain a local job in the field. 
The objective of the Accounting program is to provide graduates with the necessary skills to qualify for positions in places like accounting firms, financial institutions, small businesses, manufacturing companies, department stores, construction companies, and schools.

Program Outcomes
The student will be able to:

  1. Use accounting information to enhance business planning, decision making, problem-solving, and management control. 
  2. Prepare records of business activities according to accepted accounting principles and techniques. 
  3. Use fundamental tax laws and principles to prepare an individual income tax return.
Program Requirements
In addition to the program-specific requirements, please see the general graduation requirements for CTE programs.

ACCT 200 | Elements of Accounting I | 3 credits 
ACCT 201 | Elements of Accounting II | 3 credits   
ACCT 205/212 | Cost Accounting/Payroll Accounting | 3 credits
ACCT 215 | Business in the Legal Environment | 3 credits 
ACCT 231 | Income Tax Procedures | 3 credits
BADM 201 | Principles of Marketing | 3 credits 
BADM 202 | Principles of Management | 3 credits 
BOTE 247 | Spreadsheet Applications | 3 credits 
COOP 197 | Cooperative Education/Internship | 1 credit
ECON 201 | Principles of Microeconomics | 3 credits 
ECON 202 | Principles of Macroeconomics | 3 credits

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Maren Furuseth

Professor and Program Coordinator of Accounting
Business and Trades Technology Department
1410 University Avenue
Western Star (CTE) 143
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