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Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs division at WSC focuses on lifelong learning and the continued education of all WSC students. The division's members assist students in learning and work to ensure that students have an excellent educational experience filled with enriching classes that prepare them for transfer to a four-year university or the workforce. For questions or comments about classes or requirements, please contact any of the listed members.


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Curriculum Committee
WSC's Curriculum Committee is responsible for monitoring and approving proposed curriculum changes that align with WSC's mission. Committee members include faculty representatives from each academic department and various non-voting members.

Policies and Procedures


Arts & Human Sciences Department
Kirby Lund
Wyatt Olson

Business & Trades Technology Department
Alexey Kovalev
Leah Windnagle

Health & Wellness Department
Wendy McGinley
Keri Fedler

Math & Sciences Department
Diane Anderson
Faye Krogen


Remington Herman, Registrar & Research Analyst
, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Juliana Russell, Administrative Assistant to VP of Academic Affairs & VP of Student Affairs

Please submit completed curriculum paperwork to the Wednesday of the week prior to the meeting.

Please use the following approved forms when requesting a curriculum change.
  2022-2023 MINUTES 2021-2022 MINUTES
2020-2021 MINUTES
Previous minutes are available upon request from the Office of Academic Affairs.
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Instructional Cabinet

Bob Benson
Derek VanderMolen
Katie Peterson
Dr. Kim Weismann
Leah Windnagle
Juliana Russell

2022-2023 MINUTES
Previous minutes are available upon request from the Office of Academic Affairs.

Faculty & Staff


Derek VanderMolen

Associate Professor, Math and Sciences Department Chair
Math and Sciences Department
1410 University Avenue
Stevens Hall 201 (Science Wing)

Robert Benson

Professor, Health and Wellness Department Chair
Health and Wellness Department
1410 University Avenue
Stevens Hall 169 (Leonard P. Nelson Health & Wellness Wing)
Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim Weismann

Professor of Communication, Arts and Human Sciences Department Chair
Arts and Human Sciences Department
1410 University Avenue
Stevens Hall 115B

Leah  Windnagle

Assistant Professor Business, Business Program Chair
Business and Trades Technology Department
1410 University Avenue
Western Star (CTE) 104
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