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Tutoring Services

Supplemental instruction is provided to assist WSC students who are either having difficulty or desire extra help with specific subjects.

Math Lab

The Math Lab assists with all math needs.

Science Lounge– Located in the Science Center Wing

Monday | 12pm-6pm
Tuesday | 12pm-4pm
Wednesday | 12pm-4pm
Thursday | 12pm-4pm
Friday | 12pm-4pm

For more information, please contact the Math Lab Coordinator at 701.774.4504 or 850.902.1427.

Communication Lab

The Communication Lab assists with composition, writing, communication, and public speaking.

Stevens Hall 120 

Monday-Friday | 9am-4pm
For more information, please contact 701.774.4511. Appointments are encouraged. To make an appointment, contact wsc.writinglab@willistonstate.edu.

Please Note
The Communication Lab will not revise papers on the day they are due. This allows Communication Lab staff ample time to review student papers and time for students to make corrections.

SmarThinking Online Tutoring

WSC provides SmarThinking services to all currently enrolled students at no cost. With SmarThinking, students experience online tutoring that is simple, fast, and always available. Students can connect to live educators from any computer with Internet access, no special software installation or equipment is required

Students can access live tutors, ask a question, and return the next day for a response, and/or submit writing pieces to be reviewed. SmarThinking provides online tutoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week enabling students to get the help they need when they need it.

Access Smarthinking

Login to Blackboard using a Campus Connection username and password and click on My WSC. Select a course and click the Tool Link on the left side menu. Once there, click SmarThinking.


Live, On-Demand Tutoring
Using an advanced queuing system providing little or no wait time, students are connected on-demand with an expert educator. Students work one-on-one, in real-time with a tutor, communicating using a virtual whiteboard technology. Scientific and mathematical notation, symbols, geometric figures, graphing and freehand drawing can be rendered quickly and easily. 

Online Writing Lab 
Students can submit a paragraph or essay for individualized critique by expert writing tutors. By completing a simple form that provides the tutor with information on the writing assignment and requested areas of assistance, students can receive the help that they need with their writing assignment. Students can also request a review by an ESL, Technical Writing, or Creative Writing expert when appropriate. Upon completion, students are notified when their review is available. Students receive feedback outlining the strengths, areas of improvement, and specific guidance to help them improve the quality and content of their writing. 

Submit a Question 
Students who do not need instant feedback can choose to submit an asynchronous question. Using the virtual whiteboard technology, students submit their question to a tutor and the student is notified when their comprehensive response is available. 

Schedule an Appointment 
Students who prefer to plan ahead (at least 48 hours in advance) can schedule a 30 minute appointment with a tutor of their choice. At the scheduled time, the student and tutor connect live using the virtual whiteboard technology. Please note that once scheduled, WSC is charged for this session even if a student does not show.

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