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Placement Testing

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Placement Testing

The following placement exams are accepted at WSC:

  • ACT or SAT dated within the last five years
  • ACCUPLACER & EdReady dated within the last three years

WSC offers placement testing to students looking at attending our campus.

WSC currently offers EdReady for math and English placement testing. This exam assesses college math and English readiness and provides study options, as well as personalized study paths to fill in knowledge gaps. This exam can be completed on your own and does not require a proctor.

To begin testing, please follow the directions below!

Students MUST notify Enrollment Services at upon completion of their exam. Scores will not be processed unless our department has been notified.

EdReady Quick Start Guide for Students

WSC's placement guideline outlines tests that are accepted for admission and Math and/or English placement purposes. 

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