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Student Life

Life at WSC is about more than earning a degree. It’s your time to explore your interests, try new things, and dive into the experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Whether you are a first-time freshman or returning to school after years away, WSC offers a variety of student services resources to ensure students succeed throughout their degree program and beyond.

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Phone: 701.774.4528

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Campus Life

WSC isn't just about hitting the books; it's about finding your place, making new friends, and creating memories you'll treasure forever. So, whether you're into studying hard or cheering loud (or both!), our campus has everything you need for an epic college experience. Come on over and see why life at WSC is so exciting!

Looking to explore life at Williston State College? You're in for a treat! Our campus is like a lively hub of activities, awesome places to hang out, and some of the friendliest faces you'll ever meet. Imagine starting your day with a cup of our famous coffee from the bookstore, then grabbing a bite in our café with those cool glass walls. Need a break? Head over to the Teton Lounge for a movie, popcorn, and maybe a study session squeezed in between. And when it's game day, the Well is where it's at—join us to cheer on our teams and soak in that unbeatable campus spirit!

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Student Services

WSC isn't just about getting a degree; it's about growing into your best self, both in and out of the classroom. Our Student Services crew is here to cheer you on, lend a hand, and make sure your college experience is nothing short of amazing. So, get ready to crush it academically and personally with our support by your side!

Ready to level up your college journey? At Williston State College, our Student Services team is all about having your back and making sure you have an awesome ride here and beyond. We've got a bunch of services geared to help you rock it academically and personally throughout your college adventure. Think tutoring to ace those tough classes, career guidance to set you up for success, and all-around support to make sure you're thriving every step of the way.

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Student Resources

Looking out for your well-being, both on and off campus? At Williston State College, our student resources are here to keep you safe and healthy, no matter where life takes you. From top-notch alcohol prevention programs to essential info on staying safe and healthy in every aspect of college life, we've got your back. Need to know about sexual violence prevention or student health insurance? We've got you covered. Plus, our campus security team is always on duty to ensure your safety, and we're constantly updating our COVID-19 info to keep you in the loop.

WSC isn't just about hitting the books; it's about making sure you have the knowledge and tools to thrive in every part of your college journey. So, whether you're looking for health tips, safety info, or just some peace of mind, our student resources are here to help you stay strong and focused on what matters most—your success!

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Student Policies

As part of this vibrant academic community, every student has the right to access a wealth of learning opportunities and to thrive in our educational setting. That's why we're big on everyone following both the laws and the college's rules. It's about ensuring a safe, supportive space where every student can succeed and enjoy their college journey to the fullest. So, get ready to dive into transformative learning experiences and be part of a community that's all about growth and success!

Ready to make the most of your time at Williston State College? Here's the deal: We're all about students coming together to create an awesome learning environment. When each member of our community takes responsibility for maintaining a positive code of conduct, it opens the door to incredible learning experiences and a healthier campus vibe for everyone.

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