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WSC Foundation & Alumni Association

WSC Foundation & Alumni Association

The Williston State College Foundation is a nonprofit agency that manages donations made by community members and alumni to the college and its students. We identify wise investments, and fund student scholarships, quality faculty, and capital improvements to WSC. The WSC Foundation is governed by an independent board of 11 directors that meets monthly.

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Mission & Vision
Our Mission
The Williston State College Foundation partners with the College by building relationships with alumni, donors and surrounding communities; generating financial support; funding student and faculty development scholarships; and leading capital expansion to develop a thriving, state-of-the-art campus.

Our Vision
The Williston State College Foundation works to keep the college competitive and comprehensive in today’s ever-changing market by developing a strong liberal arts transfer program, advanced science and technology, and technical and trade specialization, while making Williston State a regional center for educational, cultural and recreational activity.
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Board of Directors
  • Ward Koeser, President
    Kotana Communications (retired)
  • Taylor Olson, Vice President
    Attorney at Law, Furuseth, Olson & Evert Law Firm
  • Katie Kringen, Secretary/Treasurer
    Owner, Chatter Pediatric Therapy
  • Melanie Stillwell
    CEO/President, Western Cooperative Credit Union
  • Jackie Lee
    Farmer & Rancher
  • Bill Gathman
    Assistant District Engineer, ND State Highway Department
  • Brandon Johnson
    Manager, Triangle Electric
  • Rick Medalen
    American State Bank (retired)
  • Jory Meyer
    Vice President, First International Bank & Trust
  • Lance Olson
    Former Faculty Member, and Alumni
  • Lee Murphy
    CFO, Diamond Resources

  • Executive Director, Hunter Berg
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Give to the WSC Foundation
Join the Foundation
WSC Foundation membership helps support all areas of WSC from academic programs, athletics, and student activities to campus beautification projects and expanding career and technical training opportunities.

Foundation Club $1-$149 | Sodbuster Club $150-499 | Teton Club $500-999
College Hill Club $1,000-$1,999 | Legacy Club $2,000+

Please consider joining as a WSC Foundation member and support WSC.

Giving Day
WSCF’s Giving Day is held each fall to celebrate Williston State and gather support during a 24-hour period to boost a number of areas on campus.  The WSCF matches donor’s gifts to strengthen the impact of Giving Day.  Giving Day donors may support any of the following areas or may simply make a discretionary gift which is administered by the Foundation to support WSC’s many needs.

Terry Olson Athletic Fund
The WSC Foundation is proud to establish the Terry Olson Athletic Fund to support Teton Athletics at Williston State. For 26 years from 1982-2008, Coach Olson built the Teton Athletic program into one of the premier community college athletic departments in the Midwest.
His tireless work as Athletic Director and Head Men’s Basketball Coach saw outstanding accomplishments[1]from championships to new facilities to development of the college and the Tetons. From the moment of his hiring, the Tetons took on a new look and its landscape was forever changed.
The Terry Olson Athletic Fund looks to continue the improvement of Williston State College and the Tetons. Funds will support athletic scholarships, athletic program operations and athletic facility improvements.
Thank you for considering a gift to the Terry Olson Athletic Fund.

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Make sure we have your contact information updated to keep you informed.

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The WSC Foundation grants a number of scholarships at donor’s requests to the students of Williston State. 
Our generous donors are responsible for helping fund over $2 million in scholarship dollars each year.
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Teton Thunder
The Teton Thunder is the WSC Alumni magazine and it's published by the WSC Foundation.

If you have any suggestions for stories, pictures, or comments please email WSC Foundation Donor Relations and Community Outreach Coordinator

Teton Thunder Spring/Summer 2023

Teton Thunder Winter 2022 

Teton Thunder 2020

Teton Thunder 2019

Teton Thunder 2018

Teton Thunder Summer 2017
Teton Thunder Winter 2017

Teton Thunder Summer 2016
Teton Thunder Winter 2016

Teton Thunder Summer 2015
Teton Thunder Winter 2015

Teton Thunder Spring 2014
Teton Thunder Summer 2014

Fall 2013 - issue not produced
Teton Thunder Winter 2014

Teton Thunder Spring 2013
Teton Thunder Summer 2013

Fall 2013 - issue not produced
Teton Thunder Winter 2013

Teton Thunder Spring 2012
Teton Thunder Summer 2012
Teton Thunder Fall 2012
Teton Thunder Winter 2012

Teton Thunder Spring 2011
Teton Thunder Summer 2011
Teton Thunder Fall 2011
Teton Thunder Winter 2011

Teton Thunder 2010

Teton Thunder 2009

Prior to 2011 the Teton Thunder was produced by StoryCraft Inc. In 2011 WSC marketing took over production of the Teton Thunder and produced 4 issues a year. In 2015 the publication was reduced to two issues year, in 2018 the publication was reduced to one printing per year.


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