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Capital Projects

Welcome to Williston State College, where we highlight our ongoing initiatives that are transforming the campus and improving the student experience.

Our current projects are the Baseball & Softball Turf Project, the new Health & Wellness Building, and the new Childcare Facility are three significant projects that are currently underway as part of our commitment to providing state-of-the-art facilities and resources. These transformative endeavors represent our commitment to fostering athletic excellence, promoting well-being, and meeting the diverse needs of our students and community.

Join us as we delve into the specifics of these exciting projects and discover how they are shaping the future of Williston State College's education and student life.

Our Upcoming Projects

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Childcare Facility
THANK YOU to everyone who supported this project!  We are so happy to announce that this project is officially complete!


It has been difficult to find child care in Williston, a growing city, due to the growing demand. Several new childcare facilities were opened in 2022 and more are being constructed in 2023 to address this issue.

In the past few years, Williston Economic Development has actively participated in addressing new childcare spaces. Despite these efforts, the community continues to struggle to meet the demand for child care. The lack of childcare workers is an additional obstacle to overcome.

This year, Williston State College intends to convert the Crighton Building, on the WSC campus, into a childcare facility.

The Crighton Childcare Facility capital project also aims to create a secure and supportive environment that is especially created for young children while also providing crucial support to student-parents enrolled at WSC. This cutting-edge facility will offer top-notch childcare services and encourage parents to maintain a good balance between their professional and personal lives. Students pursuing elementary education with an early childhood endorsement have the chance to complete their practicum hours at the preschool housed within the childcare facility as a result of our collaboration with Valley City State University (VCSU). Students can also submit applications for other scholarships, such as the Teacher Shortage Scholarship provided by VCSU. Please visit our website for more details regarding our partnership with VCSU.

To see the latest Press Release, regarding the September 18, 2023 Ribbon Cutting, CLICK HERE.

Below you will find information, courtesy of JLG Architects, relating to logistics and updates as the project progresses:


Childcare Site Logistics

May 15-19 Update

May 30 Update

June 5 Update

June 12 Update

June 19 Update

June 30 Update

July 6 Update

July 12 Update

July 24 Update

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Healthcare Training Facility
In northeast Montana and northwest North Dakota, there is a scarcity of healthcare workers. Williston's local leaders have emphasized the importance of having enough options for healthcare training. By introducing cutting-edge equipment and simulated training environments, the healthcare training center is projected to expand healthcare programs at the school and improve instruction for aspiring healthcare professionals. Once construction gets going, it should take 12 to 15 months to finish the building.

The over $37 million facility will offer classes that local healthcare providers have sought. Radiation tech, surgical tech, and nursing are some of the proposed programs. Additionally, University of North Dakota for behavioral health and Minot State for addiction studies are two other universities that have been sought out for partnership to address further healthcare needs for the region.

For more information, courtesy of KUMV-TV, CLICK HERE

For more information on the details of the project, and how to contribute, CLICK HERE.

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Turf Project
Williston State College is facing challenges with its spring sports teams, particularly baseball, due to the long and harsh winters in the region.

The Williston State College Foundation is planning a $5.6 million reconstruction project of two diamond fields to an upgraded turf complex. The project has received support from the City of Williston, Williams County, and the Williston Basin School District. In addition to the turf fields, the foundation plans to expand the facilities by adding secure fencing, new grandstands, restrooms, and concessions. The project is seen as a major upgrade for the community and the college, and it is expected to have a positive impact on recruiting efforts for the teams.

For more information, courtesy of The City of Williston, CLICK HERE

For more information, courtesy of KUMV-TV, CLICK HERE

To address this issue, the WSC Foundation & Alumni Association is raising funds for the installation of turf fields for both the baseball and softball teams. The use of turf fields would make snow removal easier compared to traditional grass fields, allowing local teams to practice and play more home games.

Turf Project Update 6/25/2024
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