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Leadership at WSC - the Executive, Faculty, Staff, and Student levels - is informed by the WSC Constitution, the Student Code of Conduct, accreditation standards, and organizational structures. Meeting regularly, the governing bodies listed below discuss WSC's governance and expectations as committees and ensure policies and procedures are followed to guarantee WSC meets its institutional mission.


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Executive Cabinet
The following make up WSC's Executive Cabinet:

Bernell Hirning, Ph.D. | President

Hunter Berg | WSC Foundation Executive Director

Megan Kasner | Vice President for Student Affairs

John (JJ) Mercer | Director for Information Technology

Kenley Nebeker | Regional Director of Technical Programs and Training

Brandon Delvo | Director of Marketing

Krista Lambrecht | VP of Business Services

Jayden Olson | Athletic Director

Keith Olson | Director, Small Business Development Center

Katie Makris | Director for Human Resources

Clay Sponable | Director of Campus Services

Kim Wray | Vice President for Academic Affairs

Kim Weismann Ed.D. | Professor of Communication and Arts and Human Science Department Chair (Non-voting Member)

Jenae Hunter | Executive Assistant to the President (Non-voting Member)

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Faculty Senate
WSC's Faculty Senate consists of eight voting members, a non-voting Staff Senate representative, and a non-voting Student Senate representative. These members represent the following academic departments: Arts and Human Sciences, Business and Trades Technology, Health and Wellness, and Math and Sciences. Faculty members are elected in April to serve three-year terms. Annually, Faculty Senators elect a presiding officer to serve as the faculty representative.

WSC's Faculty Senate meets monthly from August to May and may exercise all the powers of the Faculty Council subject to limitations the Faculty Council may impose. Additional responsibilities are to ensure a current Instructional Division Policy and Procedure Manual, to act as a committee as a whole, and to ensure implementation of Faculty Council and Faculty Senate legislation.

Derek VanderMolen, President

Arts & Human Sciences Department
Matt Peterson
Lynne Raymond

Business & Trades Technology Department
Hunter Erickson
Tim DeLorme

Health & Wellness Department
Kari Lesmeister
Gail Raasakka

Math & Sciences Department
Amanda Davis

Past meeting minutes, please contact the Faculty Senate President.
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Staff Senate
WSC's Staff Senate shall be the representative body of staff to serve the following objectives and purposes:
  • To foster a spirit of unity and cooperation as a participant along with the Faculty Senate and Student Senate in College governance.
  • To serve as an active communication link for meaningful information exchange between staff and administration relative to issues of mutual concern.
  • To provide open meetings to express, propose, represent, investigate, and debate issues. The Staff Senate, acting as an official and responsible voice in College governance, will recommend action on issues that receive majority approval of the senators.
  • To advise the President on working conditions and employment practices, including recognition, compensation, and other pertinent issues.
  • To promote awareness of opportunities and encourage staff involvement in the activities and operation of the College.
2022-2023 STAFF SENATORS        

Jenae Hunter, President (Office of the President)   
Chris Kadrmas, Vice President (Student Services) 
Montana Ackman, Recorder/Senator (Admissions) 
Brandon Delvo, Advisor/Senator (Marketing)                                                                               
LeeAnn Clark, Senator (Student Affairs)
Carol Campbell, Senator (Business Office)
Keith Rath, Senator (Adult Learning Center)
Jared Ward, Senator (Athletics)
Alex Herman, Senator (Athletics)
Jeremy Rosaly-Synder, Senator (IT)
Clay Sponable, Senator (Campus Services)

Non voting members  
Alex Sims, Student President (Student Body)
Lynne Raymond (Faculty Representative)

 If interested in requesting past meeting minutes, please contact the Staff Senate President. 
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Student Senate
The purpose of Student Senate is to advocate for the WSC student body and to act as a liaison for students to the administration, alumni, state, and community. Student Senators are a select group and are official representatives of the College and are held high in honor. Members represent student leadership in an articulate manner, promote the positive image of the College, and respond to the student body and the College’s needs.

Academic Year 2022-2023 Student Senate

Alex Sims- President
Jessie Keicher- Past President 
Ava Keicher- Senator
Dan Conway- Senator
Malte Kuhn- Senator

Non-voting members
Faculty-senate- Lynne Raymond 
Staff-senate- Jared Ward 

Advisor- Christopher Kadrmas
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