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TrainND Foundation

The TrainND Foundation was established in July of 2022 to offer scholarship opportunities to individuals seeking technical training through TrainND Northwest, who are not eligible for government assistance and are not financially able to cover the full cost of the training program.
At this time scholarships may be used for the Commercial Driver’s License Program (CDL), Crane Program, Certified Nursing Assistant Program (CNA) and ASCENT Unmanned Aeronautical Academy (drones). The TrainND Foundation hopes to better support the workforce in North Dakota by meeting the exponential growth demands by preparing as many high-quality trained individuals as possible.
In addition to the scholarships supporting students, the 501c3 status makes the TrainND Foundation eligible for a number of grants that TrainND Northwest would not qualify for as a state agency. These grants could potentially allow for development of new programs, expansion of current programs and enhancements to the equipment used for training purposes.


TrainND Foundation Mission

"Changing lives and industry by supporting the highest quality workforce training in North Dakota."
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