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WSC Academic Calendar

The academic calendar is the main resource for important dates and deadlines for all things related to course registration, add/drop, withdrawing, financial aid, tuition and bill due dates, and requirement documentation.

North Dakota University System Policies

Finals may begin on Saturday if the previous Friday is a Reading and Review day - SBHE policy 406.1 3. E.
SBHE policy 406.1 4. - Campuses may adjust course meeting schedules when the holiday schedule differentially affects courses that meet once a week.

Add, drop and withdrawal dates for sessions less than 16 weeks in length are set proportionately.

See policy 406.1 for academic calendar information
See policy 440 for enrollment reporting information
See policy 830.1 for payment

Standard scheduled class days are M-F, including registration day and excluding holidays and spring break
  • Class holidays are Labor Day, Veterans' Day, the day before and followingThanksgiving Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents' Day, and the Friday before and Monday following Easter Sunday;
  • Fall semester ends before Christmas;
  • There is at least a two week break, including Christmas and New Year's Day, between Fall and Spring semesters;
  • There is a one week Spring semester break beginning the Monday following 40 class days;
  • Finals week begins on a Monday unless a campus identifies the penultimate Friday of the semester as a reading/review day, in which case final exams may begin on the Saturday following the Friday reading/review day;

Last day to add courses or drop without record
For a standard 16-week semester, the last day to add or drop a course without a record is the 10th calendar day in the fall term and the 11th calendar day in the spring term

Final bill payment deadline (institutional deadlines may be earlier)
The designated fee payment date must be within the first 12 scheduled class daysof the term.

Enrollment census date
Each campus shall report fall and spring semester enrollments for degree credit students based on the number of students enrolled on the twentieth scheduled class day of the fall and spring semesters.

Last day to withdraw from term or drop with record
The last day to withdraw without having grades entered is the last class day of the 12th week of classes
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