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Student Ambassadors

WSC student ambassadors are a select group of students who interact with prospective students, parents, alumni and the community as a means to recruit. As an official representation of the College, this position is held in high honor. Members will represent student's leadership in an articulate manner, promote the positive image of the College, and respond to the College's needs. 

Q&A with the 2022-2023 WSC Student Ambassadors

Dan Conway [Sophomore]

Dan ConwayHometown: Canberra, Australia

Area of Study: Information Technology

Why did you become a Student Ambassador: This is my third year at WSC and I wanted to share the positive experiences I have had.  I also wanted the opportunity to show how great the institution and campus is to new people.

Fun Fact: I play baseball for the WSC Tetons.

Malte Kuhn [Sophomore]

Malte KuhnHometown: Drangstedt, Germany

Area of Study: Business Management

Why did you become a Student Ambassador: I am very involved around the school and wanted to represent the school in an influential manner.

What are you looking forward to in college: I am most looking forward to internships and hands-on courses where I can apply the knowledge I attained in college.

Alex Sims [Sophomore]

Alex Sims Hometown: Alexander, North Dakota

Area of study: Business Management

Why did you become a Student Ambassador:  I know being a student ambassador is a big responsibility and I wanted to be part of being a positive representative for WSC. I have had great experiences here at WSC and I would like to help others do so as well.

Favorite WSC event: One of my favorite events that we do here are the college's bowling ights!

Jordan Skahill [Sophomore]-Lead Ambassador

Jordan Skahill Hometown: San Dimas, California

Area of study: Business Management

Why did you become a Student Ambassador:  Having the chance to better connect with the WSC community was something I could not pass up on. Being involved has always made my time that much more enjoyable and becoming a Student Ambassador seemed like the perfect fit.

Fun Fact: Yes, there is snow in California!
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