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Student Ambassadors

WSC student ambassadors are a select group of students who interact with prospective students, parents, alumni and the community as a means to recruit. As an official representation of the College, this position is held in high honor. Members will represent student's leadership in an articulate manner, promote the positive image of the College, and respond to the College's needs. 

Q&A with the 2021-2022 WSC Student Ambassadors 

Brooklyn Douglas [Sophomore]
Hometown: Williston, North Dakota 
Area of Study: Associates of Science 
Why did you choose WSC: I choose WSC to be close to family and friends. Also so I could play basketball from my hometown!
Other WSC clubs/extracurriculars: WSC womens basketball team, Student Senate & Teton Activity Board. 

Elizabeth Humenyik [Sophomore] 
Hometown:  Williston, North Dakota 
Area of Study: Associates of Science 
Favorite WSC Event: Easter Egg Hunt & Bowling night. 
Favorite Past Time: Ice skating, swimming, reading & needle point. 

Jesse Keicher [Sophomore]
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Area of Study: Information Technology 
Other WSC clubs/extracurricular: Student Senate President, WSC Hockey team, diversity club, Esports captain, resident advisor, student worker. 
Why did you choose WSC: Good hockey program and affordable. 

Keeley Tini [Sophomore] 
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Area of Study: Genral Studies 
What is your favorite class at WSC: Communications & Developmental Psychology 
Why did you choose WSC: I liked the facilities a lot as well as the opportunity to continue my education while playing basketball. 

Nicole Selle [Freshman] 
Hometown: Fortuna, North Dakota 
Area of Study: Associates of Science 
Favorite WS Event: Volleyball games & giving tours 
Why did you choose WSC: County Scholarship, great college to start at after high school

Rod Contreras [Sophomore] 
Hometown: Cagayan de Oro, Philippines 
Area of Study: Nursing 
Other WSC clubs/extracurriculars: Student Senate, Teton Activity Board, Student Nurses Orgaiztion 
Favorite Past Time: Cooking & Art 

Thomas Patterer [Sophomore] 
Hometown: Klagenfurt, Austria 
Area of study: Sports & Recreation Management
Favorite past time: Hiking, eating a lot of good Austrian food & spending time with family. 
Favorite class at WSC: Recreation Administration 

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