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Satisfactory Academic Progress

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Satisfactory Academic Progress

A student has the right to appeal the disqualification of their financial aid eligibility by completing a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form. Please indicate the reason for your appeal and follow the instructions. Incomplete appeals that lack the appropriate documentation will be denied.

SAP standards are evaluated in the following three categories:

 Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the conclusion of each semester based on all WSC and transfer undergraduate credits.
  • Students receiving a GPA of 0.0 (an F or U in all courses attempted) will automatically be placed in Financial Aid Disqualification. Remedial courses are not counted in a student’s GPA calculation.
Completion of Attempted Credits
  • Students must successfully complete a minimum of 66.667% of the cumulative attempted credits.
  • Attempted credits include any credits students are enrolled in as of each semester’s census date (the last day to drop a full semester course and receive a 100% refund; approximately the tenth calendar day of fall or spring term or fifth calendar day of summer term) and any credits added after the census date. Credits dropped or withdrawn from after the census date and failed credits are considered attempted but not completed.
  • Successfully completed credits include those courses in which a student receives a passing grade (A, B, C, D, P, or S). Credit hours that are not considered successfully completed include all courses with a grade of F (Failed), I (Incomplete), W (Withdrawn or dropped), or U (unsuccessful).
  • The percentage is calculated by dividing the total number of successfully completed credits by the total numbers of credits attempted. 
Maximum Time Frame
  • Students must successfully complete their degree within 150% of the published number of credits needed to complete their program of study. The maximum number of credits includes all prior credits attempted while attending Williston State College as well as any credits attempted at other colleges or universities whether or not federal financial aid was received while completing those credits.
  • Students who are approaching the maximum attempted credit hour limit will receive a Financial Aid Information Service Indicator on Campus Connection to warn them that they are close to reaching this limit.

Review and Notification Process
At the end of each semester, SAP will be evaluated for all students. Students will be notified of their SAP Information, Warning, or Disqualification status via email or postal mail and a service indicator will be posted on their Campus Connection

For more information, please review the Satisfactory Academic Policy.

Student Financial Aid

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