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Professional Licensure Disclosures

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Professional Licensure Disclosures

Williston State College currently offers two programs leading to professional licensure within the State of North Dakota, Nursing and Massage Therapy. The curriculum for programs customarily leading to licensure at Williston State College has been designed to meet the licensure/certification requirements in North Dakota as well as preparing students to apply for licensure exams in the State of North Dakota.   

Other states' requirements for licensure may vary. Students who intend to return or move to any state other than North Dakota need to review the professional licensure disclosures pertaining to their program and consult with the state professional licensing board. 

Please click the links below to determine if the program does meet licensure in the state, the program does not meet the requirements for licensure in the state, a determination has not yet been made as to whether the program leads to licensure in the state, or the state does not require licensure.

  • Nursing: Following graduation from the PN or AD nursing program the student is eligible to take the LPN or RN NCLEX exam. Passing the exam is required for LPN and RN licensure. Under the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) nurses can practice in other NLC states, without having to obtain additional licenses. The list of states can be found here.
  • Nursing
  • Massage Therapy

It is recommended that students work with the licensing boards for their state to obtain specific information regarding licensure requirements.  The websites below contain information regarding licensure as well as contact information for each state licensing board.

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