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Laptop Checkout

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Laptop Checkout

Students may checkout a laptop at WSC from the Learning Commons.

At checkout, you agree, by accepting the equipment, to the following: 

  • That you have received the equipment and that it is in working condition.       
  • Problems with, damage to, loss or theft of the hardware loaned to you must be reported immediately. Failure to do so will result in repair and/or replacement fees. Any damage to, loss or theft of loaned equipment during the loan period is the sole responsibility of the borrower as well as subsequent repair or replacement costs up to the original value of the item.        
  • Students are limited to checkout one laptop and must submit a current Williston State College Student ID. The ID will be returned to the student after the laptop is returned to the correct location.       
  • That you are also aware of NDUS Policy 1901.2 section 3.2 which states:  
    Users are responsible for knowing to which resources they have been granted access, and refraining from all acts that waste or prevent others from using these resources, or from using them in ways proscribed by the NDUS or NDUS institutions or state or federal laws.
  • Laptop will remain on campus property and will not leave campus without permission of the Learning Commons staff.

Returning Laptop

Students must return the laptop before Learning Commons closes.

Failure to Comply

  • If the laptop is not returned on time, the student will be emailed a reminder of the laptop checkout procedure.   
  • If the laptop has still not been returned 24 hours after the reminder email, a hold will be placed on the student's account.  
  • If the student does not return the laptop on time three times they will no longer be able to check out a laptop. 
  • If the laptop is lost, damaged (including viruses, malware, etc.), or destroyed, the student's account will be charged for a replacement of the laptop. The amount will not exceed the original purchase price.
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