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Williston State College Foundation Implements New Logo

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Williston State College Foundation Implements New Logo

Posted: Jul 22 2014

WILLISTON ND- The Williston State College Foundation is excited to announce the launch of a new logo.

In the summer of 2012, four Moldovan students came to the US through a work and travel program.  The students were employed as custodians on campus. Soon after the students arrived, WSC President; Dr. Nadolny, discovered that Victor Luchian was a professional graphic designer in his home country.  Dr. Nadolny offered him the opportunity to intern with graphic designer, Jenny Wolf, and Director of Marketing, Kayla McKeil.

The Marketing Department was hoping to redesign the WSC Foundation's website, as it was out-of-date and hard to edit and update.

"We asked Victor to help us redesign the website given his specialization in logo design and rebranding. During his summer internship, a new logo and website template was worked up", said Wolf.

Victor worked with Wolf and McKeil to address the challenge of refreshing the WSC Foundation logo by adapting it to meet modern graphic trends. The solution was a logotype with bold, capital and confident letters, assuring good readability for the Foundation name. Subsequently, the deep green and navy blue from the old logo were reused due to their power to induce a sensation of confidence and strength. Wolf explains, "The new logo's lack of gradients will make it easier to use it on merchandise or promotional materials, and the toned-down color palette will work better with the college's color scheme and logo".

One year later, the WSC foundation is happy to say that they will be implementing the new logo effective immediately.

Victor is currently working with the Foundation on redesigning the WSCF website.

Both Wolf and McKeil concur that, "Victor is an amazingly talented graphic designer and we were lucky to have found him".

Look for the new logo soon!

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