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WSC unveils newly updated college seal

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WSC unveils newly updated college seal

Posted: Jan 10 2011
WILLISTON, N.D. - Williston State College is undergoing many transitions, some more obvious than others. While not as noticeable as the new buildings on campus, WSC President Dr. Raymond Nadolny is pleased to announce that the college has unveiled its new seal, the official insignia of WSC.

When he first arrived at the college in the spring of 2009, Nadolny said he noticed the college did not have a seal that reflected the college in any way. The academic seal is the official mark of an institution and is normally used on diplomas and other official documents.

"The old seal had the college's name and the year it was established and nothing more. It is rarely used," he said. "We wanted a seal that people would be proud of and that would reflect the college."

The creator of the original WSC logo, Williston native and WSC alumnus David Njos, was contacted and asked to update the seal.

"Since I did the logo, I was more than happy to update the seal for the college," Njos said. "Dr. Nadolny pulled up a number of seals that other colleges use and explained what he would like to see for Williston State, so I had an idea of which direction to go with the new seal.

"I studied those examples for awhile, thought about the school and our community, and then did up a few thumbnails for them to choose from."

"We showed the proposed seal to the faculty senate, the staff senate and the executive cabinet at WSC, and it was endorsed by all three governing bodies," Nadolny said. "The seal is the official symbol of our college and our new seal is a reflection of the pride and dignity of our institution."

Most seals are round and depict scenes of discovery, teaching, or a campus landmark. The college seal features a book to represent learning; wheat stalks to represent the agriculture component of the area and the college; and the school colors which represent the college itself.

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