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WSC to break ground for science addition on July 20

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WSC to break ground for science addition on July 20

Posted: Jul 13 2011
WILLISTON, N.D. - Williston State College will break ground for its new science wing at 2 p.m. on July 20. Construction will begin this summer and the space will be ready for occupancy for the 2012 fall semester of classes.

WSC Foundation Executive Director Terry Olson will be on hand to introduce North Dakota Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley. Other speakers scheduled include Mayor Ward Koeser, EAPC Architect Alan Dostert, and WSC President Dr. Raymond Nadolny.

The new science wing, which is 10,000 square feet, will feature classrooms, laboratories, and office space for instructors. The current facilities have not been upgraded in quite some time and are in great need of updating.

"It is time for this upgrade. The science labs are the original facilities that came with the building, and we're celebrating our 50th anniversary this year," said Wanda Meyer, WSC Vice President for Instruction. "There have been no major updates to things such as the gas lines, water lines, ventilation, etc.; nothing has been seriously updated in all this years. There are lots of potential health and safety issues that we must take care of to be safe. For instance, we will now have updated and proper ventilation that will make the labs safer, allowing us to do more advanced work."

"This addition will bring Williston State College into the 21st Century with its science department," said Justin Maddison, WSC Vice President of Business Services. "All equipment will be state-of-the-art technology, giving WSC students an education that is second to none among colleges in the state."

Meyer added that the entire set-up of the new labs will be on the research side of science. "We will be able to get involved with some very interesting projects that we haven't been able to do up to this time," she said. "We'll also be able to add more variety to the science courses we offer and with the community changing as it is, this will be a positive thing for the community. It's really exciting to have these opportunities available to us now."

"With the importance of health and wellness in our community, a state-of-the-art science facility is a welcome addition to our college community," Nadolny said. "A strong background in science is critical to our young people being able to maintain a competitive edge in today's global economy."

The public is invited to attend the groundbreaking ceremony, after which refreshments will be served.

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