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WSC summer school set to begin June 1

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WSC summer school set to begin June 1

Posted: May 20 2010
Williston State College has announced its summer class schedule, which includes classes that will meet a variety of interests and requirements. Classes are offered both on campus and online. The full Summer session runs June 1- July 29. Some classes are offered during the entire session; some are offered during the first summer session which is June 1 - June 30; and some classes are offered in a second Summer session July 1-July 29.
Just a few of the new classes offered this summer are Environmental Science and a hiking class, taught by Audrey Barnhart; and a three-dimensional design art class, which will be taught by Clif Sundt.

"We'll be looking at everyday issues in our environment," Barnhart said about the environmental science class. "We'll look at what things we do that impact the environment, how it impacts us and how do we make decisions as to how we should do things, use our resources, dispose of resources, etc. We'll also take a look at how we treat the land."

She said it will be an issues-based class, although, "it won't be thou shall not do this and thou shall do that. But it will take a look at how do you decide what you will do, what do you think and why."

The class will take a look at general issue topics, including energy, use of land in general, water quality, air quality, wildlife, and more.

Barnhart will also teach a hiking class. "We'll start off the hiking class by meeting each other and make arrangements to decide the best schedules for the class members," she said. "The class will start with a day hike in the area. The next hike will be an overnighter at an established campground, and the next will be an overnighter in the back country."

She said students are not expected to have their own equipment for all the hiking they will be doing. "They will need good shoes and a backpack, but nothing fancy. We will learn some basic outdoor safety and survival skills, will observe and enjoy the outdoors. For those who sign up for both courses, while out in the field, we will use that as an environmental science lab."

Students looking to fulfill their general education requirements can find classes on the WSC summer schedule, which will allow them to get their required classes done in the summer with personalized instruction in a smaller class.

"If you've just graduated from high school or have gone to college for a year and come back for the summer and want to take just a few extra courses and get ahead of the game a bit, here's a wonderful opportunity to take some general education courses we have here at WSC," said Wanda Meyer, WSC Vice President for Instruction.

The credits from the general education courses will all transfer without problem to other colleges in the state.

"We also offer some remedial courses to help you build basic skills and get you to the point that in the fall you can take the general education courses that transfer to other institutions," Meyer added. "We also have courses that will meet the prerequisites for specific programs, such as nursing."

Also being offered this summer, in conjunction with the UND TRIO Educational Opportunity Center, will be a tuition-free College Study Skills class. The class will meet from 9 to 11 a.m. Monday through Thursday, from July 1 to 29. Topics covered will include Reading College Textbooks, Taking Effective Notes, Disciplined Time Management, Test Preparation/Test Taking Strategies, Memory: How it Works and How to Use It, and Critical Thinking Skills. There is no tuition cost for this class, but if participants want to earn two transferable college credits, they must complete the WSC Admissions Application and pay a $35 application fee. For more information and assistance with applications, contact Pat Riley at the UND TRIO Educational Opportunity Center WSC office, 701-774-4216. Those wanting to participate are encouraged to apply early as the class size is limited.

For a complete list of classes offered for the summer 2010 semester and to register, contact WSC at 701-774-4200 or visit the website at
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