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WSC receives high honors at SkillsUSA

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WSC receives high honors at SkillsUSA

Posted: May 21 2015

Williston, N.D., May 21st -Williston State College made a big impression at SkillsUSA in Wahpeton April 19th- 21st, with two SkillsUSA State Officers and one student winning gold. "To have two state officers from one post-secondary school is very uncommon. We were lucky to have Jordan Cooley and Ryan Seidel elected last April. Seidel will continue this position for his second term this year. Not to mention, Dakota Hunter, who competed in Wahpeton and won Gold," Ken Quamme, Business Technology Chair, Associate Professor explained. "For a small as our team is, we are successful and well represented in SkillsUSA for Williston State College and North Dakota." WSC Business and Computers program has been involved with SkillsUSA since 2008.

SkillsUSA can be best described as a partnership between students, teachers and industry with the goal of preparing students for careers in technical and service occupations. Quamme expanded, "Everyone has a different perspective of what SkillsUSA is, breaking it down there is a local, state and national chapter and even international.  It encompasses leadership for students in that secondary and post-secondary level."

Each year, students elect officials to represent their State. "In North Dakota there are three representatives for post-secondary, two of which were from Williston State College, Jordan and Ryan. The fact that we had two students was a tremendous honor." Quamme explained. "Training began last June in Bismarck to prepare us for the experiences we would encounter throughout the year at banquets, awards, and Nationals in Kansas City. We were the face for SkillsUSA ND," Ryan Seidel, WSC student and SkillsUSA State Officer stated.

Though WSC was well represented with two State Officials, they were also successful in the competition. Typically in the IT category students are asked to dismantle and reassemble a computer as well as complete written and oral questions. Dakota Hunter won Gold and received a $1,000 scholarship from ITND (Information Technology for North Dakota), which will be applied to his tuition at WSC next year.

"I would recommend SkillsUSA to everyone. I used to struggle to talk to people in large groups but now lead my peers at events. I am excited about my future with the leadership skills I learned from SkillsUSA," Jordan Cooley, 2015 WSC graduate and previous SkillsUSA State Officer explained, "I enjoyed my time so much with Skills that I will be returning as an Alumni next year." Quamme agreed, "I have watched my students in the past year and there has been tremendous growth. I sit back and know each of them and have seen how SkillsUSA has made them better leaders."

Though North Dakota has been participating in SkillsUSA for close to 42 years, little is known in the public about this group. Cooley explained what she desired, "We would love for the community to be more involved, to help support both financially and through community service projects."

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or for other information regarding Williston State, visit, call 1.888.863.9455, or stop by 1410 University Avenue, Williston, ND.

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