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WSC gets new website address, email addresses

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WSC gets new website address, email addresses

Posted: Jan 05 2011

WILLISTON, N.D. - Williston State College is kicking off the new year with changes to its internet URL address. After launching a more accessible and cleaner website last June, the college has changed its website address to

"The old address ( will still work for some time while we transition to the new address," said Angie March, IT and Website Support Technician. "We want to get our new address out there now and let people know about it so they will start to use it and become familiar with it before the old one stops working."

As well as the website address change, the email addresses at WSC have become much more user friendly as the suffix changed to "" as well.

"We really think this will be easier for people to remember," March said. "I think Williston State is a more common name than WSC for people who are searching the web to find us."

The old email addresses had "nodak" as part of the address and as March stated, "many people from out of state don't even know what nodak means."

She said it will probably take about a year to phase out the old web and email addresses entirely so instructors and employees, will not have to replace their business cards, letterhead stationery, etc., immediately. The old email addresses will forward to the new email addresses during that period.

For more information on Williston State College, go to For more information on the website, email March at

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