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WSC associate professor fundraises for Great Cycle Challenge

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WSC associate professor fundraises for Great Cycle Challenge

Posted: Jun 17 2020

WILLISTON, N.D. - With three and a half months to go before the Great Cycle Challenge (GCC) in September 2020, Dr. Kyle Norris, Associate Professor of Music at Williston State College, has already met 40% of his fundraising goal.

Started in 2015, the GCC is a fundraiser that benefits the Children's Cancer Research Fund.  

At $506.03 raised, Dr. Norris hopes to round it off to $1,250.  

Anyone can participate in this nationwide challenge and can sign up either as an individual or with a team of riders. Riders can pledge to ride 10 miles while some serious bikers may ride 1,000.   

Throughout April and May, Dr. Norris biked a total of 2,220 miles with an elevation gain of 119,261 feet, the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest over four times!   

"I'm working on my first mini-donation challenge of this year's event," explained Dr. Norris. "When I reach $550 in donations, I am going to do an imperial century ride on Zwift (100 miles completed in a single ride)."  

He also plans on connecting with local and regional businesses to see if any are interested in donating gift cards to then raffle off and raise additional funds and excitement for the cause.  

"One of the last challenges I have planned, and this would be if I exceed my goal for the year, would be to complete an 'Everesting' attempt," stated Dr. Norris. "The idea behind this challenge is that you climb the height of Mt. Everest (29,029 feet) in a single ride. It can be done outside or online in a cycling platform like Zwift. The challenge takes 15 hours to complete and is extremely challenging both mentally and physically." 

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