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WSC and Train ND Host Administrative Professional Day

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WSC and Train ND Host Administrative Professional Day

Posted: Mar 09 2015

On April 22, 2015 WSC will lay host to a day of seminars meant to increase strategic skills of the Williston Area Administrative Professionals.  Administrative professionals will increase their skills through the four scheduled seminars: Building an Effective Partnership with Your Boss, Grow Your Career and Have Fun Doing It!, Skills Needed by Today's 21st Century Administrative Professional, and The Time to Relax is When You Don't Have Time For It: Managing Your Stress; Finding Your Balance.

With breakfast and lunch provided, administrative professionals will be able to manage their skills and enhance their jobs based off of the recommendations of Stacy Leitner and Regenia Bailey.  Leitner, an award-winning administrative professional and a college educator, will be bringing a wealth or knowledge to these seminars.  Over the years, Leitner, an employee of the City of Rancho California, has worked with the CEO to help bring her employer to 12th on a Fortune magazines 2011 and 2012's Great Place to Work list, the first city government to ever make the list.  Bailey is an organizational strategist, consultant, coach, and former Mayor of Iowa City.  Bailey brings over ten years of experience with working with all types of companies on strategic positioning and organizational growth.

To sign up for WSC and TrainND Northwest's administrative day, please visit   Registration is $199 and includes breakfast, lunch, and four-seminars with Stacy Leitner and Regina Bailey.

For more information about the Administrative Professional Day contact, Holly Meyers 701-774-4557
or visit

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