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WSC TechFest 2010 planned Feb. 20

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WSC TechFest 2010 planned Feb. 20

Posted: Feb 10 2010
The Computer and Technology Club at Williston State College has announced the first Technology Show to be hosted at Williston State College.  The event is planned for Saturday, Feb. 20, in the old gym and various classrooms in Stevens Hall on the WSC Campus. The event is free and open to the public.

According to the TechFest website, "This will be a day of technology demos and small presentation sessions.  The demos will be short, 5 to 10 minute shows explaining the basics of the software and will be located in the main hallways of Stevens Hall and Room 106.  The presentation sessions will run on a schedule during the day and will be in the classrooms of Stevens Hall at the college.  These will be 45 minute sessions on a single topic."

"This event is for the general public, students and adults," said Ken Quamme, faculty advisor for the Computer and Technology Club. "You can see from the topics of the sessions, that it is for anybody, however younger kids might not get as much out of them as high school or college students, or as the parents and business people."

Some of the demonstrations to be presented include Microsoft Windows 7, Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard; Microsoft Office 2010; Microsoft AutoCollege; KaraFun Karaoke; Media Monkey; Windows 7 Speech Recognition; and Inside the Computer. A complete list of demos is available on the TechFest website.

Presentation sessions will include CISCO WebExConnect; Geographic Information Systems; File Management; Remote Desktop; PC Maintenance; Microsoft Office Visio; and Online gaming. A more complete list is available on the website.

"This project has been done by our students," Quamme stated. "They started working on it in October and invested their time even over the semester break to work on this. My hat is off to these students who have done all this work."

A raffle will be held, with tickets costing $2 each. Some of the items to be raffled that day include a Netbook Running Windows XP; a Scentsy Home Starter Kit; a solid bamboo keyboard and mouse combo; an eMachines Notebook; and gift cards from various businesses, as well as much more. A complete list is available on the TechFest website; a list of door prizes is also available.

Corporate sponsors of the event are Memory America, First National Bank and Trust Co.; Williston Area Chamber of Commerce; Western Cooperative Credit Union; The Shopper; American State Bank and Trust Co.; Byerly Computer Store;  and Information Technology Council of North Dakota.

"We (WSC) receive so much from the community, this free event is our way to say thanks," Quamme said.
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