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WSC Student Excels in ALEKS

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WSC Student Excels in ALEKS

Posted: Aug 16 2018

WILLISTON, N.D. - This summer, Michel Tamdjokoueng surpassed the required 80% pass score in ALEKS for both College Algebra and Trigonometry. In fact, he completed 100% of the topics in both sections.

Tamdjokoueng, age 31 and native to Cameroon, moved to the United States with his wife and three kids in April 2012. They have called Williston home since 2013.

ALEKS, which stands for Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces, is software that designs a course shell for students based on their initial assessment taken at the start of the course. Course shells provide each student a successful learning path with positive reinforcement along the way. Students can learn the material at a rate that works best for them.

Pam Ogaard, WSC's online math instructor, uses ALEKS in her College Algebra and Trigonometry courses to assist her students.

Students who demonstrate mastery before the semester ends in College Algebra can enroll in Trigonometry. Upon completing these courses, students are prepared to enroll in MATH 165 Calculus I.  

Tamdjokoueng's initial knowledge check for College Algebra showed he tested 281 out of 360 topics needed to pass. Three weeks later, he completed all 450 topics (100%) and earned 96% on the final. Tamdjokoueng then started Trigonometry, of which he was registered in for the fall semester. Again, his initial knowledge check listed 152 of 202 topics needed to pass. On July 23rd, he completed all 252 topics (100%) and earned 98% on the final.

Tamdjokoueng is registered in MATH 165 Calculus I for this fall.

"Michel's work ethic is amazing," explained, Pam Ogaard, Michel's instructor. "In addition to working (Oasis petroleum frac crew) and having a family, he puts a lot of hours into math. He's already started my fall calculus and has completed the first two units."

Started in 2015, the ALEKS program has been very successful at WSC.  

"Our students are going into levels that they never thought they could reach," said Wanda Meyer, WSC's Associate Professor of Mathematics. "It lets each student learn at his or her own pace and avoids moving ahead if a student is not ready."    

When not working or advancing in math, Tamdjokoueng likes staying home with his kids, going for walks, and watching soccer.  

"I like math, but it doesn't always like me," said Tamdjokoueng. "Hopefully I will find my way through."  

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