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WSC President Announces Resignation June 2017

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WSC President Announces Resignation June 2017

Posted: May 16 2016

WILLISTON, N.D. - Dr. Nadolny announced his resignation as WSC President to faculty and staff Monday morning (May 16), effective the end of his current contract period on June 30, 2017.

Providing the system adequate time to select WSC's fourth president, Nadolny chose to resign next June to be with his family.

"I made a commitment [to remain in Williston] for three years," Nadolny stated. "I got swept up in the excitement of Williston and with aging parents and family separated on two coasts, it is time to be closer to those I have been away from over the past seven years."

During his seven years as WSC's president, Dr. Nadolny oversaw the construction of Frontier Hall, the front drive, the back drive, the CTE Building, the new TrainND building, the Science Center, the baseball field, the fast-pitch softball field, and WSC's new ornamental pump jack. These additions, which account for $31 million in capital projects, have completely transformed Williston State.

Additionally, the $12 million Stevens Hall renovation transformed WSC's main building into a 21st century leaning environment and a partnership with Williston Parks and Recreation completed the $77 million recreation center, the ARC.

Nadolny emphasized that everything created in his time at WSC would not have been possible without the College's guardian angel - the Williston State College Foundation. The Foundation provides full scholarships to every high school graduate in the College's service area.

"The Williston State College Foundation has demonstrated that investing in northwest North Dakota produces significant results, significant returns, and significant access to higher education opportunity,"

Nadolny explained. "The College is standing firmly on two feet. As I said to the Chair of the State Board, I feel like a proud parent."

In his seven years as president, Dr. Nadolny became an integral part in transforming WSC into the college it is today.

WSC has transitioned into the fastest growing college in what would become the country's highest cost region while increasing student retention by 8% from Fall 2014 to Fall 2015.

"It has been my privilege and my honor to be associated with the students, faculty and staff of Williston State College," stated Nadolny. "I look forward to serving Williston State over this final year in both achieving even greater success and ensuring a smooth transition. My heart will always remain a part of Williston State's family, where people do indeed make the difference."

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