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WSC Foundation Adds Academic Scholarship

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WSC Foundation Adds Academic Scholarship

Posted: Feb 05 2018

WILLISTON, N.D. - Each year the WSC Foundation creates something bigger and better for future WSC students. Beginning Fall 2018 graduates from Western North Dakota, Eastern Montana, Southern Saskatchewan or Southern Manitoba, Canada who have either passed six credits of Early Entry (dual credit) through WSC, have a cumulative high school GPA of a 2.75+, or an ACT score of 20+ (SAT equivalent) may be eligible to receive the WSC Foundation's new Academic Achievement Award (AAA).

  The Fall 2018 AAA mimics the Williams and Regional County Scholarships but expands past the nine current counties. 

The Fall 2018 AAA will cover between 12-16 credits of tuition and fees for any eligible 2018 graduates from Western North Dakota or Eastern Montana and $1500 per semester  for eligible Southern Saskatchewan and Southern Manitoba, Canadian students who plan to attend WSC this fall.  

"The AAA scholarship program will create opportunities for students previously enrolled at Williston State College as Early Entry high school students," WSC President, Dr. John Miller, stated. "As these high school graduates begin their formal college education, it is a natural fit to encourage them to choose WSC based on their previous enrollment and familiarity with the College."  

A large increase in spring numbers comes from Early Entry students. During Spring 2017, WSC saw its Early Entry headcount increase by 21.45% when compared to Spring 2016. Of the 424 enrolled, 1,793 Early Entry credit hours were produced, showing an increase of 20.82% over the previous year.  

WSC Early Entry numbers are up from last year, but official Census numbers for Spring 2018 will not be released until February 6, according to Natalie Boese, WSC's Communication Specialist.  

"Without our donors, our scholarships would not be feasible," explained Terry Olson, WSC Foundation Executive Director. "We are proud to add the AAA to our opportunities to give back to those students who have excelled already with WSC or at their previous high school."  

To maintain this award, students must be enrolled in 12 to 16 credits and maintain good academic standing of a 2.0+ GPA per semester.  Students who maintain eligibility, may enroll up to four consecutive semesters (Fall 2018 to Spring 2020) excluding summer.  

To apply, students must complete an Application for Admission and Application Fee by May 1, 2018. FAFSA forms must be completed and submitted before August 20, 2018.  

Scholarships for the Fall 2018 freshman class and future freshman classes will continue if funding is available. The WSC Foundation encourages anyone interested in donating to contact them at 701.572.9275.  

Students are encouraged to contact WSC Financial Aid at or call 701-774-4200 for complete details. For more information on these scholarships please visit: or  

For information on WSC please visit
call 1.888.863.9455, or stop by 1410 University Avenue, Williston, ND.  

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