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WSC FBLA Collegiate students place at Career Connections Conference in Omaha, NE

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WSC FBLA Collegiate students place at Career Connections Conference in Omaha, NE

Posted: Nov 08 2022
WILLISTON, N.D. – Recently, Williston State College had four students attend the Career Connections Conference in Omaha, NE.

WSC’s FBLA-Collegiate students that attended were Alex Sims, Chayla Jewel Russel, Brennon Sabinash, and Luke Curren.

The Career Connections Conference focused on connecting talented students with leading employers. The conference was a great opportunity for WSC students to see what it takes to succeed in a challenging job market by getting experience in interviewing techniques, building your personal brand, and navigating your early professional career.

The students performed case studies in Hospitality Management. They were placed in teams of four to compete and present their findings. Sims’ team took 2nd place and Russel’s team took 4th place. There was a total of 12 teams competing, where the top 5 finishing received medals.
“We are all so thankful we got the opportunity to take this trip that allowed us to network and apply our classroom knowledge. It was a great experience overall. Along with knowledge we gained, we also took home 2 trophies. A 4th place and 2nd place medal in hospitality management,” said Alex Sims.

Some highlights of the Career Connections Conference were a tour of Gallup’s Omaha office, prepping for real world case study competitions, and exploring the Omaha Zoo, which is the country’s largest zoo.

“My favorite part of our trip was getting the opportunity to speak with business professionals, touring a multimillion-dollar company, and learning about the Gallup organization,” said Chayla Jewel Russel.

“I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to both expand my business knowledge, learning from experts in their respective fields, as well getting the chance to explore and grow as a person with the networking opportunities we were given,” said Luke Curren.

FBLA is a collegiate student organization and is dedicated to inspiring and developing the next generation of leaders by preparing members for careers in business and business-related fields. Since 1970, FBLA in North Dakota has been working to unite the best and brightest college students in North Dakota under the goals of: Service, Education, and Progress.

“I really liked how they gave us insight on what companies like them are looking for. They showed us genuine desire to help us grow professionally so we are prepared for the business world,” said Brennon Sabinash.

Want to know more about WSC’s PBL, or FBLA Collegiate group? Please contact Advisors Leah Windnagle at, 701.774.4220, or Maren Furuseth at, 701.774.4298, or visiting WSC’s “Get Involved” page on their website at
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