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WSC Breaks Record High for Headcount

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WSC Breaks Record High for Headcount

Posted: Sep 23 2015

WILLISTON, N.D. - Total headcount at Williston State College is up 17.55% from Fall 2014 with 1,038 students enrolled. This is the second consecutive semester WSC broke its enrollment record.

While Spring 2014's increase was due largely to WSC's dual-credit program, Fall 2015 growth came from the 344 students that were rewarded Williams County Scholarships. Williams County Scholarship students compose 33% of WSC total enrollment.

"The Williston State College Foundation has made the dream of an education possible for a lot of people," WSC President Raymond Nadolny remarked. "With the economic slowdown, we are also seeing a lot of people returning to college. Williston State's on-campus environment is nothing less than exciting."

"The Williams County Graduate Scholarship has helped WSC see an increase in our overall student enrollment as well as our scheduled credit hours," Crystal Hotchkiss, Registrar and Research Analyst added. "We have seen a 27.5% increase in the number of credit hours to 11,077.5, up from 8,688 scheduled credit hours in Fall 2014." With this increase in credit hours came a 43% increase in full-time students over Fall 2014.

Freshman enrollment increased by 26% from Fall 2014. The majority of the WSC students range from age 18-24, but the non-typical student (anyone over the age of 24) has seen a 24.5% increase at WSC from Fall 2014.

With the influx of students and scheduled credit hours, program headcounts also increased. Liberal Arts/Transfer students have increased by 81 undergraduates from Fall 2014. Indicative of the job market in the Williston Area, CTE programs have shown the most growth. Business Management increased by 125.49% while Transportation Technician increased 82.35% and Welding increased by 200%. Donations and the TAACCCT grant have allowed WSC to acquire equipment to meet the increased interest in these fields.

"The Enrollment Services office is thrilled with the enrollment numbers this fall," Leah Windnagle, Director for Enrollment Services, stated. "We knew we were going to be busy, so our team made great efforts to assist students throughout the application and enrollment process by providing excellent customer service and frequent communications."

For more information about Fall 2015 census, contact Crystal Hotchkiss at 701.774.4267.
For any information regarding WSC, please visit,
call 1.888.863.9455, or stop by 1410 University Avenue, Williston, ND.

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