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TrainND receives CTE grant

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TrainND receives CTE grant

Posted: Apr 20 2015

Williston, N.D., April 20th__TrainND Northwest, a division of Williston State College was awarded $250,000 from Career and Tec Ed (CTE) in August of 2014.  Each TrainND region, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest were able to apply for one of the CTE grants this biennium. TrainND was awarded an additional $69,000 of unspent CTE grant money on April 9th.

With the $250,000 TrainND was able to keep up with the demand of crane training in the Williston area. "We now have three types of cranes in our fleet to provide training and certification.  It has made a remarkable difference in the program," Deanette Piesik, CEO of TrainND - Northwest and Continuing Education explained. "We also purchased crane courses and weights along with rigging equipment for each crane." "Prior to obtaining the cranes we could only provide service to companies that owned or leased a crane for training. Now we can service the individuals looking to get into the industry, but do not have the needed resources," Craig Hautamaki, TrainND Crane Training Manager explained. "This allows the students to work through the stress and have the extra seat-time needed to fully understand how to operate a crane safely."

Production and service companies in the oil and gas industry often require operators of cranes to be certified by one of the three accredited crane organizations. "There was no one within the state offering the NCCCO (Crane) Certification until TrainND Northwest got involved in 2013. Having the cranes here at our site has helped tremendously!" Piesik agreed, "Two of our instructors attended various classes/workshops to become certified crane instructors. The last class we had 20 individuals register for the two-week Novice Crane Training Program."

With the additional $69,000, TrainND will purchase a newer Semi-Truck and van trailer to enhance their Commercial Driver's License Training Program. "A CDL is needed for many types of jobs in the oil and gas industry.  One of the highest job demands in ND is in the transportation area."  ND Job Service reported 861 job openings in the state. With that, North Dakota is reporting higher than national average rates of work-related fatalities and injuries," Piesik stated. "We need appropriate training in all areas to make sure our community is safer, while we continue to grow."

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