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Stenberg Nominated to North Dakota Historic Preservation Review Board

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Stenberg Nominated to North Dakota Historic Preservation Review Board

Posted: Oct 23 2017

Williston, N.D. - Richard K. Stenberg, WSC's Associate Professor of History and Political Science, began his two-year term to the North Dakota Historic Preservation Review Board on October 1, 2017.

Nominated by previous WSC President Dr. Raymond Nadolny in a letter to the North Dakota State Historical Board, Stenberg's twenty-two-year career at WSC and nineteen seasons as an Interpretative Park Ranger at Fort Union Trading Post Historical Society were just two small details of his dedication to North Dakota preservation.

"Mr. Stenberg has immersed himself in North Dakota history through his devotion to record, preserve, and share our state's heritage with students and citizens alike," explained Nadolny. "One example of Mr. Stenberg contribution to the preservation of North Dakota would be his documentation of World War II veterans' stories for the North Dakota State Historical Society Veterans History Project."

Stenberg's work was published in the July 2017 issue of North Dakota History: Journal of the Northern Plains. Stenberg wrote an academic review of the book, "Hugh Glass, Grizzly Survivor," by James D. McLaird, for the magazine.

North Dakota History: Journal of the Northern Plains, a semiannual publication, allows readers to share in the history and culture of the state and the northern plains through well-illustrated, fascinating articles by historians and writers. It is a publication of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Stenberg has reviewed numerous books on Lewis and Clark, the fur trade, and the American West for various academic journals and has written over half a dozen articles covering North Dakota History, the Upper Missouri Fur trade, and Lewis and Clark. 

Stenberg was a 2002-03 recipient of the North Dakota Humanities Council Research Fellow where he researched and presented, "A Year of Upheaval: Railroad Unionization and the Strikes of 1984 in North Dakota."  He also received the 2004 Fort Union Fellowship on researching fur trade history. Stenberg has presented papers at several fur trade symposiums, the North Dakota History Conference, and the Northern Great Plains History Conference. 

A native of Watford City, Stenberg attended the University of North Dakota-Williston, now WSC, and continued and received his undergraduate degrees in History & Social Science from Minot State University. He received his MA in American History, specializing in North Dakota history, from UND.

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