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Renovations Coming to WSC

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Renovations Coming to WSC

Posted: May 07 2013
Williston is a changing place, and so is Williston State College. There have been many new additions and renovations to the campus, and soon there will be even more. The legislature passed a new budget for higher education, and gives Williston State several new opportunities.

The legislature approved just over $900 million to fund North Dakota's colleges and universities, and some of that money is coming directly to Williston State College.

"Those dollars are transformational for the campus. What you'll see next year is really a very different look for the campus, it will look very university," said Williston State College President, Dr. Raymond Nadolny.

The college is receiving just over $11.5 million to renovate Stevens Hall. Nadolny says the outside of the building will be improved; the dining area will be completely redone and other improvements will be made inside the building. The college is also receiving money to upgrade security.

"We will have full time security seven days a week. That's a really big comfort for us because we've been a very safe campus, and we want to continue to be a safe campus," Nadolny added.

Competing with high salaries in the oil patch has been a problem for many institutions, and that's one reason colleges and universities are getting $39.5 million to increase teacher salaries and benefits.

"Last year we were below every school district in the area. With this structure we should be above every school district in the area, and that's exciting for a college," added Nadolny.

The college also received almost two million dollars to renovate Campus Drive. Construction will start next week, once complete Nadolny says it will look similar to the drive that is in front of the State Capitol.
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