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Offering the right degrees for a growing community

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Offering the right degrees for a growing community

Posted: May 02 2013
Build a Better Tomorrow

Build a Better Tomorrow
May 2, 2013

Offering the right degrees for a growing community

A resurgence is underway within the Business Program at Williston State College, as more courses are being offered to meet growing needs within the Western Star City.

Serena Christianson, program coordinator and instructor of Business at Williston State College is helping lead some of these changes as the College continues to identify programs and opportunities that can apply to what businesses and residents in Williston are looking for.

"It's a whole new world here, with opportunities around nearly every corner," said Christianson. "And we want our students to be as prepared as possible for what is currently here and what is still coming."

Williston State College holds annual strategic planning sessions with the goal of looking for "continuous improvements" that are needed to spur ideas and initiatives recognized by community leaders, elected officials and college employees.

"The College is always looking for the right ways to grow, expand and respond to the needs of the region and state," said Kayla McKeil, director for marketing at WSC. "We can enact change quickly, as evidenced by the recent and on-going construction on campus as well as the new directions within programs such as business."

In recent meetings with local leaders, it quickly became evident that more could be done to prepare students due to growth in the areas of gym memberships and local interest in the new Williston Area Recreation Center being built on campus.

Enter two new concentrations within the business management associate degree: corporate fitness and recreation management.

"I see so much potential for the College, our community, and our students with having these two new concentrations," said Christianson. "We feel that with the resurgence of interest in gym memberships that providing a corporate fitness concentration will help those students interested in being leaders in this field. As well, the Williston Parks and Recreation District's partnership with WSC is going to be a huge win-win for all involved as it will allow for internships, employment and service to the community."

These new opportunities are just two of the seven concentrations available within the newly designed AAS Business Management degree.

Along with these two new concentrations, McKeil says there is a buzz on the WSC campus surrounding recently completed efforts, upcoming projects and the general excitement that comes from being part of a vibrant, growing community.

"Between groundbreakings, dedications and grand openings, it all contributes to a growing excitement about Williston's future," said McKeil. "I feel grateful to have grown up here, lived here most of my life and now experiencing the positive direction that the College and so many others are heading."
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