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New home for Teton Hockey

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New home for Teton Hockey

Posted: Jun 03 2015

WILLISTON, N.D., - Williston State College's Hockey team will have a new location come November 1st when the Raymond Center will open its doors as the new "Home of the Tetons". Head Teton Hockey Coach, John Bowkus explained, "We are very excited to be able to move Teton Hockey to Raymond Center. With this move, we will have a venue that we will be able to call all our own." The move was based off of a number of factors including sharing ice-time at the Agri Sports Complex and wanting to be closer to the community. "As youth hockey has continually grown at a high-level, the demand for ice-time has increased exponentially," explained Dan Artamenko, Williston State College's Athletic Director. "At the Agri, teams had to rotate playing games at primetime. Coupling that with the high school there were many times the Tetons were playing at less desired times."

"The Agri-Sports complex provides a great rink and atmosphere for hockey, but due to location and ice-time capacity, your fan base tends to be the same people,"Artamenko stated. "Being in a location that is easily visible, closer to major employers such as Mercy Hospital and Williston State College, we feel fans are more likely to check-out our games. Additionally, moving into town allows us access to high-speed Internet so we can video stream our games online." After the success of over a 1,000 views per basketball game last year, Teton Athletics understands the importance of providing the viewing options for people who are unable to attend games.

The idea to move was formed off the relationship Teton Athletics has with the Williston Parks and Recreation department. "We reached out to them to see if they could accommodate the Tetons and provide us with an atmosphere expected from a college hockey game,"Artamenko stated. "The move to the Raymond Center was the 1st step in a multiple step, joint effort commitment to renovate and use the Raymond Center. The Tetons are 100% in support of Parks and Rec as they take bids to put in new bleachers, renovate locker rooms, and improve existing infrastructure."

Since the ice will not be ready at the Raymond Center until November 1st, the first four games of the Teton season will be played at the Agri Sports Complex. Additionally, Teton Athletic's Gun Raffle and Wing Cook-Off will still be hosted at the Agri. "A huge appreciation goes out to the Williston Basin Hockey Club for allowing us to use the Agri-Sports Arena for the past four years as our home rink. We still plan to work hand and hand with the WBSC in the continued development of youth hockey in Williston," stated Bowkus.

2015-2016 seasons is available at and tickets will remain the same. Please contact Teton Athletics to reserve season tickets for next year.
For more information contact, Dan Artamenko at 701.774.4546
or for other information regarding Williston State, visit, call 1.888.863.9455, or stop by 1410 University Avenue, Williston, N

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