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NDUS Awards Inaugural Bakken U Scholarship

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NDUS Awards Inaugural Bakken U Scholarship

Posted: Jan 12 2016

BISMARCK, N.D. - The first of its kind scholarship was awarded under North Dakota University System's Bakken U initiative today to a Dickinson State University student.

Warren Logan, an oilfield worker planning to enroll in courses at DSU, was awarded the $5,000 scholarship, funded by the N.D. Petroleum Council, during a press conference today at the DSU Student Center ballroom. Jerry Rostad, director of the Bakken U initiative, said that Logan exemplified the characteristics of students the program aimed to reward.

"Mr. Logan has spent considerable time working hard in the Bakken oilfield, and now has chosen to come back to school at Dickinson State University," Rostad said. "If he is able to apply the work ethic and drive to his classes that he applied to his oilfield work, he will be a success."

Rostad was part of the committee that reviewed approximately 40 applicants for the first scholarship. He said that he was impressed with the pool of applicants and Logan's story stood out because of his commitment to advancing himself in his established community.

"The most important thing I've learned through my time in the oilfield is that hard work will take you far, but in order to qualify for advancement opportunities, a degree is a requirement. I fully expect to achieve a degree in business administration and continue to work in the area," Logan said. "Dickinson has given me so much since my wife and I relocated that leaving from an unexpected loss of employment is not an option. Dickinson is where we have chosen to make our home. With a degree and a surplus of non-oilfield work, I know we would be able to continue in the community we have come to love."

Melanie Tucker, vice president for student affairs and enrollment management at DSU said that the energy industry in an important component of the region's economy. "DSU's mission is to serve the residents of the region by offering high quality, accessible programs. The services offered through DSU for the Bakken U initiative allow those who are impacted by the volatility of the energy industry to secure for themselves an education that will stand firm through time."

Future scholarships will be made available through Bakken U. Details on the scholarships will be forthcoming.

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