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Making the Change - Wanda Meyer

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Making the Change - Wanda Meyer

Posted: Apr 18 2013
Time at Williston State College: 30-1/2 years

Previous positions at WSC: Instructor of math and computer science, department chair, director for distance ed and vice president for instruction.

What did you do before WSC: student at Dickinson State College (now known as Dickinson State University.)

Hometown: Killdeer.

Why did you choose to move to Williston: I was recruited to teach at Williston State right out of college.

What is the biggest change you've seen in Williston: The growth in square acreage is incredible. The edge of town is the middle of town now.

What is the biggest change you've seen at WSC: The "next" generation is now running our school. When I started, many of the people I worked with were the original or very early supporters of the institution.

How do you relax: Cleaning.

What's your T.V. guilty pleasure: Days of Our Lives.

What's your favorite website: Google.

What's the last thing you bought and from where: Coffee, WSC Bookstore.

What restaurant or retail store would you most like to see come to Williston: A retail store that carries shoes and professional work clothes.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life in Williston: A safe social space for our junior high and high school kids.

What is your top tip in dealing with change in Williston: Relax and go with the flow. This is an exciting time.  

What is the biggest change you see coming to WSC: Increased enrollment and recognition amongst communities in our region.
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