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Local Students Earn ALEKS Honors

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Local Students Earn ALEKS Honors

Posted: Oct 20 2017

Williston, N.D. - Braden Bendfeld and Cheyenee Harrison reached their mastery goals early in College Algebra this fall and have both become certified with ALEKS as of October 16, 2017.

ALEKS, which stands for Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces, is software that designs a course shell for students based on their initial assessment taken at the start of the course. Course shells provide each student a successful learning path with positive reinforcement along the way. Students can learn the material at a rate that works best for them.

Wanda Meyer, WSC's Associate Professor of Mathematics, uses ALEKS in three different courses for her students: Preparation for College Algebra, College Algebra, and Trigonometry.  

Students who demonstrate mastery before the semester ends can enroll in College Algebra. If they demonstrate mastery in College Algebra, they can enroll in Trigonometry. The pace is set by the students. Upon completion of these three courses, students are prepared to enroll in MATH 165 Calculus I. 

Funded through the Title III Grant established in 2012, ALEKS was listed as a choice in the grant to improve the retention rate from developmental mathematics courses through college algebra.

Honored at the state capital last spring as part of the Higher Education Legislative Showcase for her work demonstrating innovative use of technology in the delivery of classroom instruction, Meyer has been leading the ALEKS initiative for college and high school students in the Williston area.  

"This program began in 2015 and has been so successful at WSC," stated Wanda Meyer. "Our students are going into levels that they never thought they could reach. It lets each student learn at his or her own pace and avoids moving ahead if a student is not ready."  

Bendfeld, a freshman in the Transportation Technology (Diesel) program, is working on an AAS degree through WSC. Raised in Heisler, Alberta Canada, Bendfeld attended Daysland High School through the 11th grade and attended Oyen High School for his final year. His goal is to return to the family grain farm.

Harrison is currently a Sophomore at Williston High School. Her goal is to become either an aerospace or a marine engineer.

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