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Livdahl Lounge Opens at WSC

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Livdahl Lounge Opens at WSC

Posted: May 22 2013
When Williston State College students come back to campus in the fall, they will have a brand new area in Frontier Hall to study, hang out and eat. The Livdahl Lounge has several computers, two areas for students to relax, study, and watch TV, and a cafe.

Dale Livdahl donated the money to build the lounge. He did so in memory of his brother Warren, who never had the chance to go to college. Both Dale and Warren are from Williston. In 1942, Warren joined the Navy where he served as a signalman in World War II.

In 1943, Warren's ship was struck by a German torpedo, killing almost everyone on board, including Warren.

"I thought this gift for renovation of the basement in Frontier Hall was an ideal way to remember him. The students seem to think it's great, they seem to be really using it, and that's what I wanted, and I'm very happy with it," said Dale.

Dale says he wanted to give this gift while he was still alive, so he could receive some joy by making a donation in memory of his brother. Dale says he has received a tremendous amount of joy by doing so.
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