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Kudos to Williston State College

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Kudos to Williston State College

Posted: Jun 25 2013
At a time when rising college admission prices have become a way of life, Williston State College has taken a rare and courageous stand.

Despite getting permission from the state to raise rates by close to 5 percent, Williston State made the decision to keep rates the exact same. In a column for the Williston Herald, WSC President Raymond Nadolny said WSC chose to keep its rates low in an effort keep a college education affordable. Nadolny said rising tuitions have made it impossible for many students to get a higher education. By keeping its rates the same - for the fifth straight year - Williston State College hopes to allow as many people as possible to continue learning. In recent years, Williston State College has done some remarkable things. In the classroom, teachers and students continue to excel. On the campus, improvements are being made on a continual basis - from a new dorm for students to a new science wing. On the athletic fields, few colleges can boast as much as WSC. With one national championship and several region and district titles, WSC is among the elite. With its successes, Williston State College could have easily raised its rates and few would have complained. But as a sign that it continues to be a good neighbor, the college said no. "No one can forecast whether we will make another commitment not to raise tuition in 2014," he wrote. "But at least it provides us with one more year to dialogue on one of the most critical questions facing our students: At what point does the cost of higher education become more privilege than right?"
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