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Jimmy John’s, barber shop to open at college

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Jimmy John’s, barber shop to open at college

Posted: Jan 31 2014
Officials at the Williston State College Foundation say commercial space on the first floor of the new 74-unit apartment building is almost filled.

Terry Olson, executive director of the foundation, said Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches and Jason's Barber Shop are now working on their rented spaces.

In mid-January, the Department of Motor Vehicles on campus relocated its business into the building at 721 E. Highland Dr.

In August, the foundation erected the building to accommodate WSC employees and "essential service employees" in the area and the state, Olson said. The commercial businesses that have acquired space in the building should meet needs of employees housed at the expected "sister building" that will be built on the west portion of campus this spring.

"I personally sought [Jimmy John's] out," Olson said. "We thought a Jimmy John's would go over well on campus."

Jason's Barber Shop was originally located in the Home of Economy building, Olson said.

The owner expanded the business and wanted to secure a space on campus that would attract additional clientele.

The foundation considered the gourmet sandwich shop a fine addition for citizens and students wanting to join the Williston Area Recreation Center expected to open March 28.

"With the recreation center opening in March and the additional retail that's available to our students and staff right around that area...it'll be great for WSC," Liza McLean, WSC Foundation office manager, told the Williston Wire.

The building has five commercial spaces. All tenants pay rent to the foundation, Olson said.

The DMV is now in operation and Jimmy John's and Jason's Barber Shop are expected to open their doors in late February or mid-March. The foundation is involved with negotiations concerning one of the remaining two spaces.

The foundation would like to see another "food venue" rent out space in the building, "something to compliment Jimmy John's - perhaps a coffee shop," Olson said. "Something that would go well on our campus and this end of town, complimenting traffic from the recreation center."
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