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Gonzaga Interns Return to WSC

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Gonzaga Interns Return to WSC

Posted: Jun 15 2017

WILLISTON, N.D. - Bulldogs are once again running loose on Williston State College's campus.

The two-legged variety, that is.

This summer, WSC is again hosting interns from Gonzaga University who have undertaken various responsibilities around campus.

The three interns are Emmett Jones, 22, and Chloe Bowman and Karen Suzuki, both 21.

"I really enjoy my job," Suzuki, who works with the athletic department, said. "My bosses are giving me a lot of opportunities to take an idea and run with it."

Jones, who interns in the marketing department, echoed that sentiment. "My supervisor lets me work at my own pace and trusts me to be independent and self-motivated."

The interns stay busy day-to-day with small projects. Suzuki and Jones both write press releases, among other tasks, while Bowman scans and uploads important documents.

"I'm working on updating and compiling the college's policies and procedures," Bowman, who works as an executive assistant in the president's office, stated. "It's time-consuming, but I have a lot of support."

The interns' daily contributions are felt across campus, and WSC Acting President Dr. John Miller is quick to point out their positive impact on Williston as a whole as well.

"The Williston/Gonzaga internship program benefits both the interns and...Williston," Dr. Miller said. "Perhaps the best part of the program is that it has attracted young talent to Williston and the community is better for [it]."

In addition to everyday tasks, all the interns are involved with long-term projects as well.

Suzuki, who studies public relations and broadcasting, works on new promotional ideas for the Tetons basketball team, while Jones creates advertising to promote WSC's new agriculture program.

"Working to promote the ag program was a great learning experience," said Jones, who graduated from Gonzaga in May. "I got to create advertisements for Facebook and print media, and write a script for a TV commercial."

Meanwhile, Bowman helps WSC earn new accreditations for different programs across campus.

"I like the working environment and my co-workers," said Bowman, who majors in political science with a minor in business. "The tasks I've been given have been fulfilling so far as well."

"Chloe is a perfect fit for our office," said Dr. Miller. "She is amiable, efficient and self-directed."

Despite their workload, all the interns manage to take time to wander around Williston on their days off.

"People are really nice," said Suzuki, who is originally from Hawaii, "the weather is great, [and] the facilities at the college are great."

Suzuki added that she can't wait to explore and experience the rest of the state.  

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