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Ethics Class Invites House of Representatives Candidate into Classroom

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Ethics Class Invites House of Representatives Candidate into Classroom

Posted: Oct 28 2016

WILLISTON, N.D. - In an attempt to incorporate the practical implications of ethics, ethics instructor Kaylyn Bondy, has invited community professionals as guest speakers into her classroom this fall semester.

A nurse practitioner, a lawyer, a priest, an emergency room nurse and, most recently, Iraq war veteran and House of Representative-District 2 Democratic candidate, Brandon Delvo, have spoken to the class about how ethics applies in their professional endeavors.  

As a recent WSC graduate (May 2016), Delvo felt comfortable discussing his family's past in politics, his military service, and his current political race. Each, he said, involves ethical standards.  

"Having an opportunity to speak to a classroom goes a long way. I believe in a quote by JFK in his inauguration where he said, 'the torch has been passed to a new age of Americans,'" explained Delvo. "A lot of the demographic that I spoke to in the ethics class was younger. My hope is that I have ignited the idea in one or two students to become more involved with what their leaders are doing. Passing the torch, so to speak, as it was passed onto me."  

Bondy hopes her 34 students will learn more about the importance of ethical reflection in everyday life - one of the primary learning outcomes of the course. Combining classical theory and practical learning applications maximizes what each student learns.  

"It is my hope that those with real life, practical experience are able to make a lasting impact on students and reinforce the practicality of understanding how ethics are used across various professions," stated Bondy. "Hearing how Delvo incorporated similar ethical approaches in both his military experience and his political campaign perfectly reinforced this week's lesson."  

Bondy will have two more guest speakers this semester: an accountant and a college athletic coach.  

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