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Constitution Day held at WSC

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Constitution Day held at WSC

Posted: Sep 21 2010
WILLISTON, N.D. - Williston State College participated in the annual Constitution Day on Friday, Sept. 17, by handing out copies of the document to students, faculty and staff at Teton Grill on the campus of WSC.

"Constitution Day, celebrated on Sept. 17, 1787, is the day when the United States Constitution was approved by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia," stated WSC Assistant Professor of History Richard Stenberg. "Ratification or approval of the constitution by the states came later. But institutions of higher education that receive national government monies are now required by law to hold a commemoration of some sort to mark the event."

Besides handing out pocket-size editions of the U.S. Constitution, a short quiz about the Constitution could be taken by students and faculty and staff, making them eligible for gift certificates to the WSC Bookstore. Winners of the certificates for faculty and staff were Leon Walter and Linda Tharp; students certificates went to Clara Reinke and Bailey Hornberger.

"We are thankful to several of our local elected officials who came to help hand out the documents and visit with the students," Stenberg said. Able to attend and participate were Sheriff Scott Busching, District 1 Representative Gary Sukut and District 1 Senator Stan Lyson.

"As James Madison noted, our system of government is predicated, it is built upon, an active citizen involvement," Stenberg said. "Understanding our Constitution is a key to that idea."


WSC Vice President for Instruction Wanda Meyer (from left), District 1 House of Representatives member Gary Sukut, WSC Instructor David Richter, and District 1 Senator Stan Lyson discuss the U.S. Constitution during Constitution Day activities at Williston State College Sept. 17.

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