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Conference instigates improvement of students learning experience at WSC

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Conference instigates improvement of students learning experience at WSC

Posted: Jul 24 2014

Conference instigates improvement of students learning experience at WSC

 OLYMPIA W.A.- The National Summer Institute on Learning Communities' (NSILC) 16th annual weeklong conference was this past week July 14th to the 18th.            

Williston State College had three employees attend this conference who found it extremely valuable and stimulating. The attendees were Wanda Meyer the Provost/Vice President for Instruction, Ken Quamme the Business Technology Chair and Professor, and Kim Weismann the Arts and Human Sciences Chair and Associate Professor.  

The conference's overall goal was to evoke action to start learning communities on school campuses.  

A learning community is comprised of educators who meet and work collaboratively to enhance student experiences and educational goals and outcomes. Although learning communities is not a new concept, WSC is looking into what they need to do for their students and partners to utilize student's expertise for their future jobs.  

WSC representatives left the conference with an action plan to incorporate elements every semester so that in 2 years they have a solid learning community on campus. Their ultimate goal is to have integrated assignments, a solid E-portfolio students complete for assessment, and have learning communities on campus.

WSC hopes to focus completely on what is in it for the student. This fall, WSC is going to tweak college strategies and college transitions.

"It is more than just learning something, it's seeing it from another set of eyes, that's what society is about," said Quamme, "Curriculums don't stand alone generally, and when you can blend them together to reach class, program, and institutional goals, then you have outcomes."

Weismann states, "I think it will really help the campus because it will be beneficial to have collaboration between the personnel and also more collaboration between faculty and students. We really want to focus on the students."

Quamme says he is excited to guide in the transformation of higher learning by keeping students in mind. "It's about guiding the students. What the students need is to be given the tools to increase skills to perform in their area of study. I want to show students the excitement of their career paths."

WSC employees all found the conference immensely beneficial and would encourage all educational representatives to attend future conferences.

For more information about the new NCILC conference, please contact Kim Weismann at or 701.774.4503. For all other information about Williston State College, please call 701.774.4200, visit, or stop by 1410 University Ave.

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