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A Teton Fan From a Land Down Under

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A Teton Fan From a Land Down Under

Posted: Aug 26 2016

WILLISTON, N.D. - It was the middle of May 2016 when Paul Schadendoff contacted WSC Marketing for advice on how to get his son, Troy, a Wesley de Jong signed Teton hat, - Troy's favorite baseball player - before de Jong plays for the Tetons this fall.

WSC Marketing obliged the Schadenoffs by sending two Tetons hats in June.

"[Troy] has a collection of baseball hats, but as soon as the WSC hat came in, all the others got put to the side," explained Paul Schadendoff. "He was ecstatic. He showed the whole family, then didn't take it off till he went to sleep that night. He wore the WSC hat at his U12 State Trials and got in, so now it's his 'lucky hat.'"

Troy Schadendoff, 10, and de Jong are from Hoppers Crossing, Australia where they belong to the same baseball club. Asked by the coaches to be the senior's batboy, Troy was instantly hooked by the friendly, comedic atmosphere of the team.

Troy became the mascot of the Werribee Giants Baseball Club. The senior players loved having him around. Troy's love of baseball is fueled by the Werribee Giants senior players being outstanding role models on and off the field.

"Wes is cool. He doesn't treat me like a baby, and he's got mad skills! He's a pitcher like me," explained Troy.

The relaxed, laid back de Jong is proud of his super fan.

"I think it's great that a young boy has taken interest in his club and players doing well in the sport. You can tell he wants to aim for that as well," said de Jong. "It feels weird because I haven't really done anything yet. But at the same time, it's great because it pushes me to make sure I do well over there and show Troy that his admiration has paid off."

WSC's roster has had an Australian presence since the 2014 season. De Jong is one of  three Australian athletes that will be on the Teton baseball roster this year. James Wood and Jesse O'Connell will return for their sophomore year to play for the Tetons.

"Australians have very limited opportunity to play baseball in college so many of them are looking just to keep playing and they mostly all want to come to the United States," explained Shawn Cote, WSC Teton Head Baseball Coach. "I have been fortunate to have found contacts in Australia that have helped me land a few good athletes."

The Tetons will begin training this fall as they enter into their split season for 2016/2017. Come out and support de Jong and the Tetons as they host the Black and Green scrimmage September 3 at noon on Rabon field.

Have any questions on Teton Baseball? Reach out to Shawn Cote at 701.774.4218 or shawn.j.cote@willistonstate.edu.
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