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[Meet a Teton] Ryan Avery, Learning Management Specialist

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[Meet a Teton] Ryan Avery, Learning Management Specialist

Posted: Jun 28 2017

Ryan Avery

Position at WSC: Learning Management Specialist
Time in Position: 10 years

Hometown: La Harpe, Illinois
Favorite Restaurant in Williston: Basil
Favorite Book: Dracula
Favorite Music: Nirvana/rock and roll
Favorite Movie: Wayne's World
Go-to Karaoke song: Californication

Glenburn High School, Glenburn ND, 2004
Williston State College, Associates in Computer Information Systems, 2007
Mayville State University, Bachelors in Business Administration Management, Current

q. What drew you to Williston and WSC?
a. Williston State was the only college that had the degree I wanted. Once I got here, I learned I liked programming computers more than trouble-shooting them. Despite this, Ken Quamme, an instructor who still works here, told me to apply for an IT position here on campus. I didn't get it, but someone on the hiring committee recommended the distance learning job. I applied for that and started just before fall 2007. I've been in [this position] ever since.

q. Where did you work before your current position?
a. I just had a few summer jobs in Minot at a restaurant. Something to give me a little bit of spending money.

q. Why learning management? What drew you to this field?
a. I still get to work with computers and it's a little bit different than trouble-shooting. I job shadowed for a day the summer after I graduated and made the decision to jump right in. I always liked tinkering with computers when I was younger. I played computer games with friends, and tried to fix computers when they were broken. My dad always complained about the viruses on our computer, so I tried to help. Then, I took a computer class in high school and loved it. That cemented my desire to work with them.

q. What are your future professional goals?
a. I don't know yet. It's kind of nice to have a bachelor's degree and, soon, a management degree. Lots of people look for degrees over experience and that will open some things up. There's a lot of possibilities out there once you have a business degree.

q. What were your first impressions of Williston?
a. Coming from the area around Minot, Williston felt a little bit smaller. It didn't seem like there were as many things to go and see and do. My first year at WSC, my friends and I would always hang out around the dorms and play hacky sack unless there was something going on like a free bowling night. However, I liked that I didn't know anybody here. It let me meet people and make new friends in the college.

q. What are your favorite things to do around Williston?
a. I enjoy going out to Spring Lake Park. It's a nice area. Running on the bike trail by the river is great as well.

q. What is one thing you'd change about Williston and why?
a. I wish there were more shopping opportunities around here, like a Target. Or some more food options besides burger joints, like a Panera.

q. What are some interesting facts about you that people may not know?
a. I can dislocate my right shoulder on command and pop it back into place. I also have green-eyes and I'm left-handed, both of which are pretty rare on their own, but when they're combined they make me into a little bit of a genetic anomaly.

q. What are some of your hobbies or interests?
a. I like to play guitar, and craft. I made custom-fitted bracelets for everyone in my family. I also like to learn new programming languages - I'm learning Python right now - and run and do yoga. Finally, I'm a huge fan of horror movies and I enjoy watching pro wrestling.

q. Who would play you in a movie?
a. I think it would have to be Evan Peters from American Horror Story.
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