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[Meet a Teton] Amy Rassier, Enrollment Services Associate

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[Meet a Teton] Amy Rassier, Enrollment Services Associate

Posted: Feb 21 2018

Amy Rassier [Enrollment Services Associate]

Time in position: 3 months
Date Started: November 7, 2017  
Hometown: Sidney, Montana
Favorite restaurant in town: Applebees, Sakura, and J-Dub's
Favorite book: Harry Potter series
Favorite movie: Any of the Nicholas Sparks movies are great. I'm a fan of romantic comedies!
Favorite type of music: Country and Pop 
Go-To Karaoke Sone: 'Don't Stop Believing' or 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'
Who would play you in a movie: Emma Stone; because she is very positive and comes off as a fun person! I also think she is a little bit awkward and funny like me.  

Education:  University of North Dakota - 2011-2015 Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Political Science; Minor in Spanish
Undergraduate Study Abroad Programs:  Semester at Sea (15 countries)   International Scholar Laureate Program- Diplomacy & International Relations (China)  Brazil Field School (Brazil)  

Q: What drew you to WSC?
A: I grew up in Sidney, MT and did my undergraduate at UND so I'm familiar with the area and state of North Dakota. After graduation, I worked at two different North Dakota University System schools in similar positions assisting prospective/new students. With all the NDUS institutions using similar programs, it was an easy transition to make to be closer to my family and significant other.  

Q: Where'd you come to Williston from?
A: Before Williston, I lived and worked in Dickinson at Dickinson State University in their Admissions and International Programs Office. I helped with admissions, specifically on the international side, and helped foreign students with cultural adjustment. Prior to this, I worked at UND in their International Programs Office assisting with their International Student Orientation, cultural events, and study abroad.  

Q: What's been the biggest way you've helped the students in the three months that you've been here?
A: Students often have lots of questions and I feel the biggest way to help them is just communicating with them throughout their admissions process answering all of their questions. One example I have of helping students is that right when I started at WSC, I helped two new international students planning to come to WSC for this spring semester. When you're coming from another country, it's kind of an overwhelming process because there are multiple additional steps to complete and it is a cultural adjustment. I think it is very beneficial to have a central contact person for these students prior to their arrival and upon arrival to the US and to WSC.  

Q: Describe your typical day at work.
A: Working in an Admissions Office requires someone to be adaptable as each day is different. Throughout the day, I process new applications, answer student phone calls and emails, help students apply, and discuss program options. I also assist international students with their financial and immigration documents. Additionally, my job requires me to travel to local high schools and college fairs in North Dakota, Montana, and Canada to meet with students.

Q: What are your Future professional goals?
A: I hope to help WSC's Admissions Office with increasing enrollment of qualified students. I hope to gain more experience at WSC in the areas of admissions, international admissions, international immigration, and academic advising. As I move on in life, I would like to continue working with students either in higher education or high schools. I greatly enjoy working closely with students helping them to advance their education and looking into different educational opportunities. I'm really interested in international advising and study abroad advising and could see myself someday being a Director of International Programs or International Admissions Office.  

Q: What is something interesting about you that people might not know?
A: I've actually traveled to 16 countries through different study abroad programs during my undergraduate. One of those programs was called Semester at Sea where I lived and studied on a cruise ship! I have visited Canada, Ireland, England, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Ghana, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Dominica, China, and the United States.  

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