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Student Ambassador

Student Ambassadors Program

Join Our Student Ambassadors Program

Are you passionate about showcasing our college and helping prospective students discover their future here at Williston State College? Become a Student Ambassador!

As a Student Ambassador, you'll play a crucial role in welcoming visitors, assisting with campus tours, and representing our college with pride and enthusiasm.

What Student Ambassadors Do:

  • Lead campus tours and communicate with counselors, parents, and prospective students
  • Earn a $900 scholarship per year (Lead Ambassador receives $1000) while maintaining good academic standing
  • Attend trainings, meetings, and work a minimum of two hours per week (25 – 30 hours per semester)

Responsibilities Include:

  • Interacting with prospective students, parents, alumni, and the community to recruit new members
  • Providing a positive visit experience for guests at WSC
  • Representing WSC at various events and fostering student leadership on campus
  • Informing students and parents about academic programs, facilities, social opportunities, and services
  • Personalizing campus tours to create a welcoming and positive environment
  • Assisting with public relations programs and community functions

Join us in making a difference and showcasing the best of Williston State College! Apply to be a Student Ambassador today.

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