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Alex Haskell [Health and Wellness / Athletics Administrative Assistant]

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Alex Haskell [Health and Wellness / Athletics Administrative Assistant]

Posted: Mar 07 2018

Alex Haskell [Health and Wellness / Athletics Administrative Assistant]

Time in position: A little over a month
Date Started: January 22, 2017
Hometown: Lapeer, Michigan
Favorite restaurant in town: Without a doubt, the Brewery!
Favorite book: The Finder - Colin Harrison or Bossypants - Tina Fey
Favorite movie: A three-way tie between A League of Their Own, Mean Girls and O' Brother Where Art Thou.
Favorite type of music: I will listen to anything! I especially like the singer-songwriter style, but I'm a total sucker for anything Taylor Swift.
Go-To Karaoke Song: Fun fact- I used to work at a music studio in Knoxville that specialized in Karaoke music. I would mix all the instrumental versions and add background vocals. I loved the job, but I had to listen to so much butchered music, it ended up making me never want to actually sing karaoke!
Who would play you in a movie: Ellen Page, for sure.
Education: I studied bio-medical engineering with a minor in marketing at Indiana Tech University in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was the captain of the women's golf team for the entirety of my college career. I went on to study audio engineering at the Recording, Radio and Film Institute and apprenticed in Detroit, MI.

Q: Where'd you come to Williston from?
A: I worked for a company that started with oilfield management, and then got moved to a division that did disaster response. So I did hurricane cleanups, and I was on the division that worked on fire cleanups in California. There's obviously a lot of wildfires going on, so we would deal with the aftermath of that.

Q: What's been the biggest way you've helped the students so far.
A: On the athletic side, yes. I try to be as involved as I can, with going to games and stuff like that. In nursing, just kind of getting into the swing of things, with applications. But it's nice getting to know the students in both programs, and getting familiar with people on different levels.

Q: Describe your typical day at work.
A: So far, I haven't known what to expect every day I've come in. Since I've been sharing my time between both things, it's sort of whoever has the most pressing issue, or some days I'm primarily working in athletics, or nursing. Some days I'm proctoring exams for nursing and can't do the athletic stuff. I like the spontaneity of it.

Q: How long have you been in Williston so far?
A: I moved up here four years ago, with a different company. And then that brought me to California for three years, and then I just moved back about three months ago. So on and off, about a year and a half.

Q: What would be one thing that you would like to change about Williston, and why?
A: I read an article about Caitlin [Pallai], administrative executive to the Vice-President. She's working on a project to wrap some of the traffic boxes in art. I heard she got a grant for that, and I thought that was a great idea, because she says that a lot of people say Williston's kind of dingy, or dirty. I mean, it's an oilfield place! But I like the idea of adding a little more culture.

Q: What is something interesting about you that people might not know?
A: I have been through a lot of weird stuff in my little life! I survived drowning, I've survived a cougar attack. I got through a pretty serious motorcycle accident.

Q: Anything else you hope to accomplish while here at WSC?
A: I'm really looking forward to getting my feet under me. I would like the school to broaden into some more sports, and build the department out more. It would obviously bring more people to the school and into the program. I just want to keep growing with the school as it grows.
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