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[Meet a Teton] Jessalyn Bachler, Agriculture Business Instructor

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[Meet a Teton] Jessalyn Bachler, Agriculture Business Instructor

Posted: Mar 16 2018

Jessalyn Bachler [Agriculture Business Instructor]

Date Started: January 2018
Hometown: Almont, ND
Favorite restaurant in town: Outlaws
Favorite book: The Bible
Favorite movie: Elf
Favorite type of music: I like alternative. I guess that's kind of surprising about me. Given my profession, everyone thinks I'm into country, but I like alt, which is kind of like soft rock.
Who would play you in a movie: Emma Stone
Education: B.S. in Agricultural Science - Ranch Management Option - Dickinson State University
Finishing M.S. in Animal and Range Sciences - North Dakota State University

Q: Have you ever had a position like this before?
A: No, this is my first teaching position.

Q: Where did you move here from?
A: I was working for NDSU at their Extension Center in Streeter, North Dakota, about an hour east of Bismarck. I was going to school there too.

Q: What drew you to WSC Specifically?
A: I wanted to come back to teach eventually, either in western North Dakota or eastern Montana. Preferably a small college. And actually, Dr. Miller had contacted me about the position. I initially told him, 'I want to get my Master's first before I move', but he was very willing to work with me after discussing it further. When I came up and interviewed, I was super impressed with the school. Nice facilities, and it was newer than most of the colleges in the state.

Q: What's been the biggest way you've helped the students so far.
A: The ag department's small right now. So, I just help students in general, but they've all been super awesome. Small classes, but it's been nice because it allows us to work out in the field. We've gone to a few field days already, like a Soil Health workshop, and touring a butcher plant.

Q: Describe your typical day at work.
A: I'm teaching 3 classes right now, so in the mornings, I'm usually lecturing on either soil science, animal science, or ag finance. In the afternoons, there's a lot of prep work that goes into everything. Planning the whole ag business program has kept me really busy lately.

Q: What kind of preparations do you have?
A: For the next two years, I will be teaching 14 different classes. I have to come up with all the classes that we'll offer through the ag program for the major. I build the syllabi, classes, and curriculum, and then plan required classes and the electives. And then, all the lab work that goes into the curriculum because a lot of the electives are science-based courses. Agriculture, it is a science, so there's a lot of hands-on stuff.

Q: What are some of your hobbies or interests?
A: I have 3 horses, so I ride a lot. On the weekends, I go up and do ranch chores. I'll probably work at a ranch over the summer. I like doing anything outside: camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking.
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