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[Meet a Teton] Dr. John Miller, President and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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[Meet a Teton] Dr. John Miller, President and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Posted: Jul 12 2017

Dr. John Miller

Position at WSC: President and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Time in position: Eight days, President; two years, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Time at university: Two years and eight days

Hometown: Twin Falls, Idaho
Favorite Restaurant in Williston: Courthouse Café
Favorite Book: The Hobbit
Favorite Music: Classical, specifically baroque and Handel, Bach, and Telemann
Favorite Movie: The Quiet Man
Favorite President: Teddy Roosevelt
Favorite Beer: Blueberry Hefeweizen from Wasatch Brewing
Family: Wife, married 20 years, tuxedo cat, Scruff, 15
Go-to Karaoke Song: 'Pancho and Lefty' by Willy Nelson and Merle Haggard

Twin Falls High School, 1979
University of Idaho, B.S. in Secondary Education, Social Science and Natural Science, 1983
University of Idaho, Masters in Educational Leadership, 2002
University of Idaho, Doctorate in Educational Leadership, 2004

q. What drew you to Williston and the college?
a. My wife is a North Dakota native - she's from Harvey - and we have a vacation home on the Missouri by Newtown. We came up here for a lot of years to fish and relax for the weekend before I first thought about applying.

q. What are some of your hobbies or interests?
a. I like to fish, mostly for Walleye, and golf as well. Snowshoeing in the winter can be fun and we still spend time at our cabin on the Missouri almost every weekend.

q. What are some interesting facts about you that people might not know?
a. I am a cancer survivor. I used to teach high school government and constitutional law classes and coached basketball. My wife is a Williston State alumni and she used to play basketball here.   

I was actually a cheerleader in high school, but I also played baseball and football. Finally, I was a storm chaser for a little while when I was younger.

q. Have you always wanted to be in education?
a. I've wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember, except for two years of college where I briefly thought about becoming a mining engineer.

q. Who would play you in a movie?
a. Bruce Willis. I've been mistaken for him before.
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